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Why you deserve a promotion

I know who has been coming to events and who hasn’t. I know how active you are, and I know if you have a good attitude towards your fellow Night Warriors.I could easily do promotions right now, but I want to know why you think you deserve a promotion. Please think about your answer and put some good reasoning in it 😉
When you comment leave the following

1. Your ranked name (Name on the ranks page)

2. The last scheduled event you made. BE HONEST. I know who makes what.

3. Why you deserve a promotion.

This will be up until Tuesday. If you don’t comment until then, you won’t get a promotion.



56 Responses

  1. i think i deserve a promo because im very active and i didnt miss any recruitment days my cp name is pokeman2277

  2. Well heres a list why
    1. I been to 27 events in two months, squeduled and unsqueduled.
    2. I was suppose to get a promo last month but for no reason got “Demoted”
    3. I havent gotten a promo in 4 months

  3. IM Gwen44107 the last battle i went to is BP with nachos i couldnt go to fjorrd battle. i deserve battle because im loyal to this army and i am really active i always try to make all the battles. thats why i deserve promotion

    • Also im always on chat everyday, usually at night because i have to do things with my family and i only have time at night.And cuz my sister said i couldnt use the computer when it was time for the Fjord battle

      • uttrn im always on chat (basicly each day) the last i attended event was the invasion of fog today. The reason y i think i should be promoted is because i want to become a mod give my new ideas about the army help lead with others and also leave the legacy of nw on clubpenguin forever as number one army. IM dead serious!!

  4. i wanna be a mod
    invasion on fjord
    im so active i deserve it

  5. Im a rank of soldier, I was at the Invasion of Fog on October 2nd, and I think I deserve it becasue I truly think I have been honest to NW and I’ve been helpful for NW.

  6. 1: Live Love1
    2: i was at the battle of Fjord today but only for a bit cuz i had to leave and buy printer paper and other stupid things..
    3: i deserve a promo because i am on chat everyday.. from sundays to thursdays im on chat from 3:10 est(pm)- 9:00 est(pm). on fridays and saturdays im usually on from 8:00 est(am)- 11:00 est (pm).. i’ve also been to every single recruiting session i have even recruited on my own a couple of times.. so yea i think i have said enough .. i deffinatley deservea promo 🙂

  7. king_cool_13
    Fjord practice battle
    I make praticaly every event. I am on everyday. I led the NWTR red vs. blue battle. And the team i led was the team that won. I always get on club penguin when a leader tells me to. And when ever i miss a event it is because my 0parents had taken me somewhere. I have NEVER missed a event because i did not want to go on.

  8. This may sound cheesy but I LOVE NW.Im on the chat Everyday I go to every event actually i was just at the pb earlier today.I coment but never seem to get ranked…And honeslty some people who wernt ranked private comented that time..I knew i wasnt ranked yet so I didnt coment..Anyways I think i deserve a promotion.


    2.Nachos vs NW battle of fjord 10/2/10

    3.I deserve a promo because your gonna be seeing me alot in this army and you wont bielieve your eyes when im gonna be super active because this guy is a extremely active guy in cp armies hes in. So im gonna listen to commands,be active and have fun! 😀

  10. 1. Scooty Jr3
    2. i was at the pb on fjord
    3. The only events I missed was when I was out of the house, never because of lazyness. I listen to the leaders orders and I’m on chat almost everyday.

  11. 1.my rank is private
    2.last battle i atended was pb on fjord
    3.well i deserve a promotion because i atend every event we do and i do it. I fight hard and fight like theres non tommorow. i hate every other army and i take everything seriously and never mess around. Last but not least I never get distracted and focus on every order and tactic and i never disobey rules.

  12. 1. Emmalise

    2.Daily recruits-Friday

    3. Well…. I go on chat every day.. and the only reason I missed the battle today was because my brother said that laptop cords don’t last long… and It stopped working(the laptop ran out of battery-power even when it was plugged in) And last time I went on chat on this computer and It broke -.- Yeah… So I’m not allowed…. And I’m pretty sure I don’t wanna break my other only chance of getting on C.P. -.- and I haven’t gotten a promo for months because I was in Greece all summer… and I did get on chat even though I said I wouldn’t be able at all…. and then I had to go early sometimes there because It was 3 am there… yeah… I’m not really helping am I..

  13. I was at the last practise battle with the nachos. Its hard for me to make it to events, and im srry. I make it on chat every single day……except for the days that my computer is busted, but that rarly happens. I am truly dedicated to nw, just becuase i dont make it to vary much battles or recruiting sessions doesnt mean that i dont care about nw. I am nice to my fellow comrads, but can be ferm or rough when they diserve it. I respeact the rules. I have been on nw for atleast a few months now. I HAVE BEEN TRULY HONEST IN THE COMMENT, PLZ THINK ABOUT MY WORDS DEEPLY!

  14. shane770
    Invasion of Fjord
    i get so into the war and i am friends with shipe and he helps me practice sometimes!!! i believe if i get a rank i could be of great help to NW!!thank u if u give me a promo!!!

  15. Apocolypse66
    Fjord PB
    I feel I deserve a promotion because I’ve been at most of the scheduled events.


    PB on fjord

    because ive literally been to every event and recruitment since the last promotion.

  17. 1. I’m a Private and my cp name is Millie931
    2.Today I made the fjord invasion and i was on the chat at the same time listen to ur comands. It was a blast and we destroyed there army. I came to the fog invasion but there was no others armys so after 15 mintues i loged off even though i wanted to fight!
    3.I have participated alot and i have been on the chat ever day! I trained and i cant wait for the next invasion.plus i can spy on other armys pages. NW will win all invasions if we try r hardest and shame the other armys.

  18. 1. Shadowe2
    2. The recruiting sessions.
    3. I feel that I deserve a promotion because I am usually at all the events, sadly not this time, for school and homework, but I have been active, I have a great attitude to other NW, and I have done some… special work for Ven… until he became unactive… You know what I’m talking about…. >:)

  19. Your ranked name (Name on the ranks page) one4444

    2. The last scheduled event you made. BE HONEST. I know who makes what. i tried to make fog and Fjord but my parents were bugying me to go outside and play so it was the nacho pb

    3. Why you deserve a promotion. I am a very active soldier in the nw and i am on chat every day of my life

  20. 1. Your ranked name? Pingubird

    2. The last scheduled event you made. BE HONEST. I know who makes what.Battle of fjord and PB with Nachos

    3. Why you deserve a promotion? im always on chat and go to almost all events

  21. 1. Sunshineglas

    2. The daily recruits we had the last week

    3. Because I have been very active and come to most events

  22. Your ranked name (Name on the ranks page)darki949

    2. The last scheduled event you made. BE HONEST. I know who makes what.recruiting session

    3. Why you deserve a promotion i have been in all the events since the acp vs nachos vs nw except the invasion of florgd

  23. SIMI78049
    I deserve a promotion because I have worked hard and have attended enough events to make my new rank plus I came to a couple of recruiting session to top it off.

  24. 1. Lt.
    2. The 3 way practice battle with nachos and dcp on fjord
    3. i make every battle i have been in nw for 4 months and im british and that makes it harder and im on 10 hours every day of the week

  25. Your ranked name (Name on the ranks page)pokebanjo i have not been ramked
    2. The last scheduled event you made. BE HONEST. I know who makes what.invasion of fjorg against dcp nachos blue army we won
    3. Why you deserve a promotion.i need to be ranked
    This will be up until Tuesday. If you don’t comment until then, you won’t get a promotion.

    rock on nw

  26. Monkeyman674 Recruiting last week I should get a promotion because I have tried my best i go on chat every day and I try to attend alot of battles

  27. 1. Your ranked name (Name on the ranks page) 10 Freddy
    2. The last scheduled event you made. BE HONEST. I know who makes what recruiting session because decided to take me shopping ugg
    3. Why you deserve a promotion. I work hard and i showed up to almost every recruiting session and was always promoting us and getting people to join

  28. Name Monkeyman674 Last event recruiting last week I deserve a promotion beacause i attended the recruiting and most of the battles

  29. 1.Joesiv2000
    2.PB on fog
    3. This monday will be my 3rd month in NW and i have made 42 events

  30. 1. tompack

    2.fjord invasion

    3.i go on chat every day,i have been to every battle/event since i joined and when ever evreyone eles ran i stayed and fought!!!!

  31. 1 im a private
    2 the practice battle on fjord
    3 i have been as active as i can and made as many events and recruitments as possible.

  32. 1.Coolmanc1
    2.Fjord PB
    3,I desvere a promotion becasue I am very loyal and have always been on chat(unless we have to vist my grandma). I also have been to almost every NW event since I joined.

  33. 1. Hbk300
    2. daily recruits last week
    3 i deserve a promotion because i have attended alot of events and i have been to alot of recruiting sessions. I really want night warriors to be the 1 army in cp and i really want to help night warriors a lot. if i would get promoted, i would try my best to be better and to go to
    all the events that i can go to

  34. also i go on chat everyday

  35. Drake8893
    Fjord PB
    I don’t know if i deserve a promotion but i worked hard for that battle… don’t you think?

  36. 1. Your ranked name: Alex19201

    2. The last scheduled event you made: Recruiting session last week. (Was over at a friends for the battle yesterday)

    3. Why you deserve a promotion: I make all battles/recruiting sessions I can and try to have a good attitude towards whatever I’m doing. Though, I’m not a very chatty person and don’t chat much except for when we are doing something. (xP) I have been here for well over a month, and I’m a dedicated solider.

  37. i know i wont get the promotion but i just joined i think i deservere one because ive work hard since i joined i love this army ive beenrecruiting on other chats thx for your time ~amy~

  38. I dont have a ranked name because I just strated.
    The battle of Fjord.
    I deserve a promotion because I’ve been at only 2 events but I missed half of the Fjord battle.

  39. Hi i would like frozen vikings to declare war with you

    Please note i shall be in contact shortley

    Tomb: lolwut

  40. i am a active soilder and i am very helpful i deserve to go up because i havent gone up in six months thanks bye

  41. my name is gpim the last event ive been to was a major recruiting becouse its hard to get on becouse of school. I think i deserve a promotion becouse i get on whenever i can and only missed one event since i joined.

  42. 3.why do i deserve a promotion?: because i go to most of the recruits i go to battle 2 and im a pravate and ive been wanting to be ranked forever…..p.s.im not forceing you i just want a rank

  43. p.s. i already commented i think i didnt get the why do u devserve a promo thing..

  44. Ive been pretty active well as active as i can with school I made it to most of the recruiting sessions and battles. So I dont know if your gonna give me one but its your choice just so you know im going for school president and over the past week ive been making posters and making my speech and ive been getting lots of homework. So ive been on a tight schedual

  45. Oh yeah almost forgot sammyrocks06 or was it cpt.sammy idk havnt checked the ranks for a while. Last schedualed event hmm last one was probbaly a recruiting session But I missed the fjord battle had a project that I forgot about.

  46. WOOPS almost forgot again I deserve a promotion because with all the activities ive been doing I still go to mostly every schedualed event that I can make it too.

  47. coolnic3
    batlle fjord
    i think because im active a lot and i attend every battle

  48. recruiting session 2 weeks ago on a weekend if you can remember me tomb you let me gag everyone? xD that was fun!



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