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Invasion of Snow Drift *PROMOTION WAR*


Well well well. The old rivalry against the Night Warriors and Team Gay Gold has been awakened. This time, we are going to make the first move. This invasion is not like other of our battles, which are mostly just for fun. This battle is personal. We are tired of being ridiculed by Team Gold, and especially by Spice, their leader. Well Team Gold, time to put your money where your mouth is and show what you say on the battlefield.

To Ace: I know that I agreed to be “allies” with Team Gold, and I’m sorry I’m breaking my word to you, but TG are our next target. Nothing more, only less. So it would be very idiotic to pretend we’re BFF’s and hold hands, while prancing in the meadow. We’re NW not IW. 😆

To Spice: For a while you arrogance has really bothered me. You disrespect everyone, you think you’re better than everyone, and you think when its the world vs you, that you will always emerge victorious. Well this time, instead of telling you that you’re wrong, we’ll show you that you’re wrong.

Your words from your post on the TG site which was directed to ACP made me laugh.

Now let’s be reasonable, you don’t know what we’re capable of, and you don’t know what we can do with this army…

Spice Ice 116

I know what you’re capable of. I know what you can do with your army.

I also know what we’re capable of.


Invasion of Snowdrift

When?: October 9th 2010

Server: Snowdrift


2:00pm PST

3:00pm MST

4:00pm CST

5:00pm EST



NOTE*: We are in NO WAY involved in the ACP vs. IW & TG war. This is our seperate invasion.


46 Responses

  1. I can make it.

  2. i can make it

  3. I can most likely make it.

  4. i should be able to make it

  5. I should be able to make it but 10% chance I might not though.

  6. I’m coming

  7. of course im coming.
    Tm stinks

  8. i meant tG

  9. idk if i can make it because of the times but i will try my best

  10. i can make it

  11. i can make it. Lets pwn acp

  12. i will be there.. LMFAO TG u make me laugh.. ur stupidity is hilarious

  13. I can make it!

  14. I’ll try, But I never know when my laptop’s cord cill mess up, or when my brother needs it for homework or anyone else….. I’ll try my best. I love the post btw xD


  16. I Might be able to come

  17. 50/50 got it?

  18. I will try to.

  19. 50% percent chance I may make it

  20. Wow, so your the only ones in CP that can have less reason for war than TG?

    Also, I’m disturbed about how your willing to attack TG even though they were your allies. I mean, RPF isn’t even your ally, is probably weaker than TG, and has more valuable servers.

    Anyone could be your next target, and your soldiers will eat up any reason you give for the war.

    1. We were allies for less than a day
    2. It’s a game. on CLUB PENGUIN.. Any reason for war could be valid. And why do you involve RPF in every single comment you make? I could care less about it. So stop lurking on our site making comments on our flaws. Go fix yours up first.

  21. Ok u will try cuz im always busy

  22. i can make it

  23. i can make it. Lets pwn tg

  24. I will be there and Tomb its been a month since I joined please put me on the ranks

  25. I can make it

  26. Ill be making it ye maties

  27. Hi Ace. I’ll make it. team gold is tooo weak and thinks there all mighty well nw and all its members will kick there butt, and are way better.I’ll be there to huilate them…dont forget to take pictures.

    Private Millie931

  28. “fog: i can make it!”

  29. The NCPPT has been watching you we have spies every where watch who you are adding !!! we might interupt in your operation see you there hahahaha


    Edit: You literally just left a join comment. *Presses spam button* /facepalm

  30. I might make it but I’m not sure. I’ll definately try though.

  31. I will try my hardest to make it. TG is going down!!! xD

  32. Guess when that picture of TG was taken? About 6 months ago lulz

    Edit: It’s still Team Gold. So take your lulz and shove it. 😉

  33. i can come and lets kick some ass

  34. i b there 4 sure

  35. If it’s personal, I’ll do what I can to get there.
    ~Gin Ichimaru 😀

  36. can make it

  37. Well well welll

    I have agreed that you have recently been abusing your powers on chat , and ive had enough , No invasions , no raids, We are going to Fight you

    heres details
    DATE: 1st november 2010

    SERVER: Outback

    TIME: 2pm gmt

    frozen vikings will vs you

    We r a small army wit 7 active troops plus we have 2 allies coming

  38. I will probably be able to make it

  39. I can make it tomb 😀

  40. I can make it.

  41. Im coming im there right now

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