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Victory on snowdrift

Click here for the PROMOTIONS post.

Hello NW, We have just finished fighting on Snowdrift. The Night Warriors of Club penguin have successfully defeated Team Gold, and now own Snowdrift. We had 25-32 People counted on CP. Our “picture-taker” had to go, but as soon as she comes back on, we will post all the pics. We claimed the following rooms: Forts, Town, Dock, Iceberg, Plaza and Forest. Also, since Team gold are like epic geniuses, they figured they might as well waist time on saying they claimed a room in their own server. That’s Team Gold for you in a nutshell. Also, Team Gold also figured no one would care that they used bots because, you know, Spice doesn’t afraid of anything, so they think they are safe. Wrong. Team Gold was caught using bots, so they automatically lose. Once again, we have showed everyone even when team gold is at their “best” they will always fall to the knees of the Night Warriors.

Unlike Team Gays 2 pictures of only themselves, here we have 15+ pictures of both NW and Team Gay.


Isn’t it suspicious that the throughout the battle NW was fighting Team Gold nonstop, yet team gold found the time to “claim” rooms. More proof of them using Bots?
To TG: You can’t claim rooms from your own server, Idiots.  In this case its called DEFENDING. Nuff said.



24 Responses

  1. Today, Team Gold will be known as the mockery of a Club Penguin army.


  3. LOL tomb yeah i came made 3 videos and had fun

  4. We pwned team gold to the ground


  6. I was there i got a picture of our most epic spots [which was pretty much the whole time] but these were the best.

  7. i was there we pwn tg

  8. i made it!

  9. the magic 8 ball was right we raped TG

  10. I made it… then left… then made it… yeah….

  11. colt22922

    I made it with my buddy who helped us

  12. i was there and TG epic failed XD

  13. also TG acually said THEY won lmfao

  14. also TG actually said THEY won lmfao

  15. sry for double posting above

  16. i was there for just 25 minutes then left and then came back on before the war was over

  17. my pictures (goo) lol i was the “picture taker” waryness lmao WE DID GREAT GUYS!! TG can go cry in a corner.

  18. We owned Tg for good hopefully. Stupid bots

  19. I made it but not on chat and team gold was a epic fail

    Tomb: No you didn’t.

  20. i was there we rocked the house!

  21. Yep total pwnage :lol!:

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