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Recruiting Everyday


Hello NW, everyday we will be Recruiting for 30-45 minutes. We need to keep our troop count up and we must produce more people at battles. 25-30 people will not suffice. I expect 40+ at every event. That is the only way we can contest to be number 2 again.

I will be letting different people lead. Do not complain on who leads, and who doesn’t. I choose, no one else. It’s time to get serious. We are going to use the fact that our main color is black to our advantage, and recruit as many people as we can.






4:00pm PST (Penguin Standard Time)

5:00pm MST

6:00pm CST

7:00pm EST

12:00am UK

This is just like the recruiting we did a while back, except, we’re gonna get serious. I expect 30 people to attend everyday. See you there.




40 Responses

  1. I can make it.

  2. Im gonna make it. 😀

  3. i can only make it on weekends and holidays MAYBE

  4. I probably wont make all but most of it

  5. i should be able to make them everyday

  6. I can make them unless I have to babysit like today.. but otherwise PERFECT timing

  7. I can make it

  8. i will b at all and reply 2 my comments, i should b a sergeant, i was soldier last time now it says ive been promoted 2 1 ???????????????????????????????? plz make me a sergeant or plz reply TOMB ANSWER THIS MESSAGE

  9. i will make them

  10. i will try to make as many recruiting sessions as possible so ill try to make my homwork quick anyways yes

  11. probably wont make them all but most of them.

  12. I will try to make a few of them.

  13. i will make it to some of them i will do my best to make alll of them

  14. i will make 5 days at least. depends if i have alot of homework


  16. i think i will be able to go. My grandma died so might not be on one day

  17. NW Site is catchin’ up to IW Site on the Blog Stats. Keep it up!

  18. I think a battle with ACP would be awesome to see from NW. I’ve been waiting to see that for a while, to see how close the competition is. It will definitely be something I look forward to seeing in the future. Go for it NW!

  19. im gonna TRY to make it to as MANY things as possible without being on chat… and if i log off randomly im sorry… cause either my dad is around the comp or if im afk :/ so you guys MIGHT see me on 🙂 I MIGHT be ABLE to get my dad to UNBLOCK it tomb so ill be more active when he does 😀

  20. I can.

  21. […] NOTE: Until the battle, we will STILL BE HAVING RECRUITING EVERYDAY. (Click this sentence for more i… […]

  22. I`l try because I gotta watch my friends soccer game it starts at 2:00 CST and since the battle is 1:00 CST I might not make it

  23. also no offence but UK time rly sux

  24. I can make it tomb and im not on ranks my cp name is bigpenguin54


  26. I should be able to make is usually.

  27. I can probably come 😉

  28. where is it??

  29. i will

  30. Hey its me i have my one army and if you wanna vs me my army is ep=evil penguins so vs me if you wanna ~xxawesomex

  31. I will make most of them.

  32. i can make it

  33. mostly

  34. I am very sorry that i could not be active for a month. I was on vacation and I came back. I will try my best to be active everyday on nw

  35. i could make it

  36. TOOOOOOMB I love you and i am spelling perfectly for you cause i looooove youuuuu lol. What up my man.

  37. i cant mak it’


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