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A message to Team Gay.

Vendetta’s edit: We are not scared to say your name, but do you honestly fear ours to a point where you dare not speak it, Riotors?

Hello NW, this isn’t directed to you, but good ‘ole team gay.

First off, back down. You think because you merged with an army of 8 people you’re a world power now?

You guys make me laugh. Yes, good for you that GT merged into you. Good for you that you get big chat numbers. But really, who outside TG really cares?

I personally will not stand for your cockiness. We at NW are known for publicly embarrassing you every time you seem to “rise”. Don’t make us do it again. Run your mouth all you want (like you always do), but while you talk the talk, we’ll walk the walk.

And if you really think you have what it takes to challenge us,

Bring it.



14 Responses

  1. *applauds*

  2. ^

  3. Hey Tomb, remember Benucicas from the Nachos (you probably don’t) well I don’t wanna comment on a huge join page. I would like to join NW! I’ve had reasonable Experience… Add me to ranks please -_-

  4. I know how the merging routine works. Once you merge your army grows by maybe 10% for a week or two, then your army collapses. The End ~50

    Tomb: Agreed.

  5. Maybe invade their capital *wary*

  6. We never asked you to care. We never asked anyone to care. We didn’t come in and yell “GT MERGED INTO US!! (PTY)”. We dont need you trolling on us just because you’re getting some competition for your top 10 spot. Don’t get your panties up in a bunch because of something that barely affects your army. F off tomb, we never asked for your opinion.

    Tomb edit: Finish the 5th grade then address me, idiot.

    Vendetta Edit: How about the post Riotors indirectly addressed to us? You can’t even keep up with internal affairs. All TG has is their boasting, but as we have shown it’s all talk. We have humiliated you time and time again.

  7. If you want to embarrass TG you should just go to war with him or something but make sure one of us video tapes it

  8. well we cant call them team gay enymore looks like they are the gay team :s

  9. Actually vendetta, I just now read this post. My post wasn’t about nw. Now tomb, I will not smack talk back because I, unlike most of tg, actually have respect for you. And vendetta, I have known you since the beginning and I currently do not fear any army ahead of us in the rankings. I chose not to mention the army name to see what the outcome would be and if we would be in a position to declare war on the corrupt army or to see if things got better or worse. If I was talking about nw in my post, I would have told you.

  10. hey vend y not come up with your own saying we got BRING.IT.ON first (yes with the .) that’s how much u stole it y not come up with your own saying and don’t say ours is BRING.IT.

    Tomb: I deleted your racist remark. Next time you leave a comment ont his site again, I will ip ban you from here. So GTFO and GOML.

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