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Defense of Fog *TOP PRIORITY*

Looks like Douches of Club Penguin think they have the balls to challenge the second strongest army in Club Penguin.

Bring it.

The DCP are hypocrites because they themselves have “picked” on smaller armies, such as WW. When WW was smaller than what it is now, DCP ruthlessly invaded almost their whole nation. And, may I say to Brandon: mind your own business. The CW conflict was sparked because of CW taking NW troops and putting them into CW. You have no business whatsoever sticking your nose in our business. If you want to be the hero of the day, go volunteer at a homeless shelter. I don’t, and will not buy your BS that “We will be invading NW because they keep picking on armies like CW”

We will defeat DCP and we will dance upon their ravaged grave.

Here’s the info of the invasion:

What?: Defense of Fog

When?: Saturday, November 6, 2010


12:00PM  PST

1:00PM MST

2:00PM CST

3:00PM EST

8:00PM UK

This is a top priority battle. In case you haven’t noticed by now, the warriors tournament (which I was looking forward to) is 2 1/2 hours before this one. In case not many people can make this one, the tournament will be canceled (for us). ANOTHER thing DCP has ruined.

To DCP: I hope you know that you’ve bought yourself many counter-invasions because of your ingenious idea of invading us. 😉

Behold, the Might of the Night.



PS: Isn’t it funny that DCP is giving out 3 promotions for people to come? Scared are we, DCP? And the 5 min. rule isn’t valid. There is no time restriction.


63 Responses

  1. I can make it.

  2. Yea, sure iill make it.

  3. i can come

  4. i will make it tomb!! 🙂


  6. I can make it…

  7. i will try

  8. ill make it

  9. i will make it and we will make the tournamant

  10. I can make it.

  11. ILL BE THERE 😉

  12. omg i will be there

  13. i will get ready forany invasion

  14. i am ready for any invasion

  15. I can make it!!!!!!!

  16. we are ready for any invasion tomb

  17. Its time to fire upy OWNAGE YOUR GOING DOWN DCP

  18. I will try to make it


  20. i can make it IF i don’t have to go to any birthdays
    anyways i can make it tomb for our capital and our nation!

  21. ill be there

  22. i can make it 🙂

  23. i will

  24. Lol fags.. DCP have fun crying in ur little corners cuz you are going DOWN xD I will obviously be there and taking pics to show our PWNAGE *awe* DCP u have just entered the death zone *goo* Lol dont ask *wary* UR GOING DOWN BEOTCHES! (sry for my language) xD

  25. i can make it. Lets pwn DCP

  26. I will try to make it because I never say I will because I could be wrong.

  27. I will be there maybe a few minutes earlier 😀

  28. I hope you guys win! 😛 Make sure you invade their capital in return! They have annoyed us a whole bunch and it would be fun if you annoy them!

  29. ill be sure to be there

  30. count me in

  31. ill try…

  32. Ill make it most likely… and I like the idea of 3 promotions for coming. ( :

  33. i can come

  34. lets kick but

  35. ill be here

  36. i feel sorry for the cleaner that has to pick dcp body and blood up

  37. I’ll try…

  38. I will be there if I dont have to PWN m bro at video games.

  39. i will do everything in my power to make it

  40. I’ll be rooting for you NW. Good luck.

  41. Dont count on it ill be there

  42. I will be there! 😀

  43. You can count on me i will be there yes sir i will.

  44. Count me in

  45. Sorry have basketball can’t make it

  46. Idk if i can make it but ill try. And let’s beat up CW cause now Jcm is in it.

  47. sorry i cant go

  48. I’ll be there, count on it. ☺☻


  49. i will be there lets win

  50. I cant make it i have a basketball game from 3:00 to 4:00

  51. I WILL DEFINETLY MAKE IT and i feel bad for the people who have to clean up dcps blood a bodys…

  52. I might make it if my piano lesson ends early enough

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