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Again TG?

Honestly, you should not speak about name calling. What about the overused, “Noob Warriors”. It has just become a terrible cliche that for some reason helps you sleep at night under a false pretense of superiority. We’ve actually only coined “Team Gay” recently, but you’ve been using “Noob Warriors” since we first clashed.

This is just more hypocrisy. And immature kids? Yes, we are kids which gives us the right to be immature. But I’m guessing TG are 40 year olds that enjoy prowling games like this where KIDS are the majority. This is a KIDS’ game that is fueled by the very same traits that make us immature.

And I’ve got one more thing to say:

We’re rubber and you’re glue, so whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.


11 Responses

  1. None of TG will get my humor regarding the last line. They’re idiots so they won’t extract the underlining meaning.

  2. Lmao. That was actually pretty good Vendetta. That gave me a good laugh. I’m disappointed that the post was about tg, but the concept of it wrapped up with the last line as the conclusion gave me a laugh

  3. TG doesnt under stand a thing dont they.

  4. the last sentence rymed

  5. 1. I love how you’re able to turn me on with your beautiful wording.
    2. You want my birth certificate? I’m actually 40 like you said. How’d you know?
    3. The overused term “Team Gay” has been used by TG since we were made.
    4. To summarize my points listed above, TG are a fail excuse for an army.

    • I keep on commenting because I’m just sad and pathetic. I really have nothing better to do. I’m actually over-compensating for the fact that I’m a homosexual.

  6. I think some of tg are pedos- now they’re asking for phone numbers

  7. rubber and glue part brilliant

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