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Funny, TG

Edit to Ice: Half the time you don’t even know what you’re talking about. What I’ve actually been doing is reading your arguments and proving that they’re false, then making claims of my own. All you can do is call NW pathetic. Yes, get a new word. We recruit because we’re not a lazy army that has to merge because we’re desperate. Why don’t you take pics where you’re actually big? But then again, that would be very hard to do seeing as there aren’t very many.

Edit: Lol, Spice. Ice said that we recruit overly before battles not the other way around.We never claimed not to recruit, but don’t attack us because we sometimes do it when you’re getting on before the Nacho battle to do just that. C’mon, at least attempt to read the post that are on your site. But it all ties to the ignorant appearance you have created for TG.

Hearts and other gay tactics? Seriously, do your homework. Both ACP and NW were able to fill rooms on their own, which TG has never done or will ever do. You probably stopped taking notice of the tournament AFTER TG was taken off. By who? UMA, that’s right.

You know what I noticed? All you do is make excuses to satisfy your own ego. It all ties to what I said in this post about hiding behind excuses and lies. You’re only proving my point. How sad.

It’s funny because both ACP and Nachos admitted defeat in the Clash of the Unforgiven. Why would they do that unless we truly won? Where were TG in this tournament? You didn’t even show up, but then again you would only embarrass yourselves and you realized this. You can barily manage 10-15 now. You’re only a shadow of your former self. Good job, you merged. You’re that desperate and self-aware of your failure that you thought it necessary to merge. I would too if my army was pathetic and weak like TG.

Yes, this is how big TG are now. Very impressive...for a small army.


This is us recently.


No, that's still TG, sorry.

All you’re doing is making claims but you can’t really back them up.

You talk of boasting? Read your Blog Status where you claim to be the “3rd largest army”. You seem to be the ONLY army that thinks you’re anywhere near the Top 4. You talk big, but you shrink in comparison when the actual battle begins. You hide behind your wall of excuses and lies, because you’re scared of the truth which would shatter the world you have placed yourself in free of such things.

We don’t recruit three hours early, now you’re just exaggerating to get your point across. I’d like to think you do this out of desperation. You were actually 3rd largest army(you claimed to be 3rd before you actually got the ranking, presumptuous much?) but after, everyone else realized that your pitiful army deserved to be down-ranked to 6th.And haven’t we won every battle we’ve fought you? You’ll discard this as lies, but can you prove us wrong?

What have you actually accomplished in your entire existence? I’ll answer that for you, nothing. We are currently 2nd in the Top Ten(you’ve never been that high up). We have tied with ACP in a battle(never done that either). We have won the Battle of the Unforgiven, defeating ACP and Nachos simultaneously(you will never get close to accomplishing anything near that). And you, TG? All you have is your boasting and wishful thinking. You should die off in some ditch already and stop comparing yourselves to us out of insecurity.

1. Come 30 minutes early for Recruiting/Training on CP.

It’s so easy when you contradict yourself. Why do you need to recruit when you consider it beneath you? And yes, that’s from the PB post with the Nachos.


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  1. Lol

  2. lol tg (team garbage)

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