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You just plainly fail, TG

I count 9. Seriously TG? Are they hiding under a rock or something? You see, unlike you we actually post recent pictures whereas you post pictures that are dated months ago. Do you have any recent pictures? Thought not. In your post you made excuses(big surprise). Homework and school? Didn’t you schedule this event? And it seems that whenever you lose you make an excuse. When are TG ever at full strength? Mon-Friday TG have are doing homework,on Sunday they go to church, and I’m sure you have en excuse for Saturday as well. You shouldn’t even be on the Top Ten with only 9.

You’re going to respond to this with yet another excuse and a poorly stated argument.

13 Responses

  1. On Saturday, they have sports, even thought they’re probably all fat as the subway guy and gay as a $3 bill….

    • Lulz…so true.

    • I’m so gay! And I’m surprisingly okay with it!

      • Fail edit, and I only counted 16 Nachos, so by insulting us, you’re basically insulting them too. And try not to take too many pictures of us when we’re logging off, M’kay sweetie?

      • Seriously, Ice? It wasn’t near the end at all. You were still on and fighting. You’re just making yet another excuse. I also noticed how you didn’t post any pictures. We’re only trying to insult you. The Nachos did pretty good, compared to TG. It was just too painful to watch, but I managed.

  2. OH NOES TG fails again… lolwut why am i worried about some noobs?

  3. I got 21 Nachos, 12 TG.

  4. I could like 3 pointless posts about how bad TG is.

    And on the TG site I count 2 about how bad NW is.

  5. say i in your comment if TG fails spectacularly (which they do)

  6. Vend, I have proof on how this is real. You took the picture at 3:50 and TG logged off at 4:01, also written on Nachos site!

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