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DCP lost their Capital

Today the Night Warriors once again have proven themselves to be dominate in all aspects of warfare. We completely and utterly humiliated DCP, who stood no chance even from the beginning.

You might of seen in the scrolly it said that we MIGHT be attending some invasion NW is doing on a server of ours Summit. I really don’t have a strong opinion on Summit as much as I did a couple of months ago. Well, Like I said on chat. If we have a full chat at these times:

DCP, you truly are a sad excuse for an army. You barely gave any effort to defend your capital and you’re now going around, masquerading, like it held no significant value. It’s obvious your, “We don’t really care attitude”, is just one of your many defense mechanisms that you have made in order to shield yourselves from the cold, bitter sting of defeat. Does it hurt knowing that you have lost your capital to the Night Warriors? Don’t feel defeated. You went up against one of the most powerful CP armies in the present day. The outcome was predetermined. Everyone knew you would lose.

I love it how you’re one of those armies that boasts about their size (the other being TG), and later just embarrass yourselves in battle. Where are your 50 soldiers now? We warned you before the invasion. You have meddled into our affairs one too many times. The army you were trying to “defend” is now rising up against you. How ironic. So it leads me to the conclusion that DCP had alterior motives in entering this war. Regardless of that, we’re coming for you, and we want blood.

The battle today was nothing to laugh at (and yet I can’t stop myself from doing just that). I doubt it can be considered a battle. All DCP did was run and retreat. And when all else failed, they joke bombed. Honestly, Joke Bombs? Sure, they’re good for usage maybe one and at most two times. But if that’s your only tactic then I am questioning the legitimacy of your army.

Here are some pictures.

Thank you Jake (King Cool13) And Live Love1



18 Responses

  1. Wow, Epic!

  2. I came and we epicly won.

  3. Lol at the picture where it thundered.

  4. I was there.

  5. i did

  6. DCP didn’t have as many ppl because many of our troops were out Trick or Treating. And plus we said we MIGHT be attending.
    Thank you for your time…

    • Trick or treating? This was on Saturday, you dunce.

    • First off, it was on SATURDAY. I don’t know about you, but if some kid came asking for candy on the day before Halloween I would just close the door.

      Secondly, DCP, and mostly Brandon, knew that they can’t produce not even 20 soldiers in a 3 days notice. As we at NW, can do 40+. And someone who “MIGHT” attend the defense of their own capital better get their priorities straight.

    • Fail comment..?

  7. I was there 😀

  8. Epic battle. Sorry I couldnt make it

  9. I was there, it was the most boring battle ever. All we did was claim room after room. I wish they could do better

  10. Coffee100 was there

  11. i made it

  12. wat is the website called

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