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PRIVATE Active Count


Fill out the following form ONLY IF you’re a Private.

CP Name:

Xat Name:

How active are you 1-10:



43 Responses

  1. cjf5901

  2. 1 25j75

    2 CJ

    3 10

  3. CP Name: Soldierboy48
    Xat Name: Soldierboy48
    How active are you 1-10: 5

  4. Tak 1998

  5. Coffee1000


    9 I was in the hospital

  6. SORA10487



  7. angel2008
    alexa wind goddess and rocker chick

  8. CP Name: Krissy 144

    Xat Name:Vicki or Krissy 144

    How active are you 1-10:

  9. vivi:violet7201 vivi goddes of seals and wolfs 7
    natalie:natalieshell natalie goddes of water and hunt 8

  10. cp name:bigpenguin54 xat name:xxawesomex active:5

  11. CP Name:osd2001 XAT name:Koopatroopa001 6

  12. P Name: pokebanjo
    Xat Name: pokebanjo
    How active are you 1-10: 8

  13. cp name:stinkerbear9
    account name:stinkerbear9
    how active:8

  14. 1:danielw6 2:danielw6 3:9

  15. CP name: Black Takshi
    Xat name: Black Takshi
    Active: 8, I have been in a dead wi-fi zone in North Carolina.

  16. Dvddivi

  17. cp name:joltleon123

    xat name:ventus or roxas


  18. Scooty Jr3
    Scooty Jr3
    Solid 8.8

  19. Cp name: Nspry10
    Xat name: Nspry10
    Active: 8 I have the same reason as Black Takshi

  20. Cp name: Susieq2001
    Xat name: Susieq2001. not shure if I am a member of Xat or not.
    Active: 8 same reason as Nspry10

  21. cp name :maxxor129

    xat name:clancy

    activity thing :i dunno…6.5?

  22. Cp Name: colt22922
    Xat name: colt22922
    1-10: 7 My mom limits my cp time

  23. Cp name: Rainie Love
    Xat name: Rainie
    Activity: 6 I try to go to as many events as possible but i dont really have a chance to go on the computer that often

  24. Kj Bulldogs1

  25. CP Name: Greenoiscool
    Xat Name: Self Explained
    How active are you 1-10: 1000

  26. 1:danielw6 2:danielw6 3:10

    well im very active now

  27. champ503(god of light) is my xats name
    my cp name is champ503
    10 im on everyday

  28. CP Name: Candysweet46
    Xat Name: I havent been on chat yet
    How active are you 1-10: 1

  29. CP Name: P115533942
    Xat Name: Pookie dumpling
    How active are you 1-10: 1

  30. CP Name: Penguin 1030
    Xat Name: Penguin 1030
    How active are you 1-10: 3
    I know… Really low…

  31. Sneezy35



  32. Awsome23057
    im active in 10 because i went to the recruiting session the other day when they gave promos, and they didnt even promote me! im still private and not a soldier

  33. 1.my cp name is popey395 2.my xat name is masterfirelion12354 3.im active in i would say at least 6 because the other day with the IW CW ACP WW and NW i checked here to see where our base is but i missed it because i lost connection and when i came back the server was full! :[ I tried to get on over and over and couldnt. :[ I REALLY wanted to go

  34. (1) jeffo 02
    (2) (stickman)(pm)xXmlg_a2k_proXx(pm)(stickman2)
    (3) 8

  35. Fill out the following form ONLY IF you’re a Private.
    CP Name:Krissy 144
    Xat Name:Krissy or Vicki
    How active are you 1-10:Truthfully a 8 and a half

  36. benmaster7

    commander iceplop


  37. CP username P47088298 Xat name halo Active 7

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