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Victory on Fog.

Edit: LOL @ DCP Pics. They took those pictures at the point where NW was barely entering the room. DCP DID NOT HAVE 35 people. NW maxed 37+. Once again, we have the pics to prove it.

The Night Warriors have successfully defended our capital. According to DCP, and more specifically, Wwebestfan, we didn’t win.


We outnumbered DCP in ALL rooms and we had a WAY bigger variety of tactics, and on top of all that, we defended every room that NW and DCP were in.

To Brandon: Your word is really nothing to us. We won, we have the pics to prove it. Tactics wise, while DCP used only War faces and Joke Bombs, NW used:

  • Moon Bombs
  • Puke Faces
  • Lines
  • Position Alpha Line (Upside down V formation)
  • Pizza Bombs
  • Igloo Bombs
  • Happy Face Bombs
  • Smile Bombs
  • Cake Bombs
  • Different Text Bombs

Rooms we defended:

  • Town
  • Forts
  • Plaza
  • Forest
  • Cove
  • Dock
  • Night Club
  • Ski Village

Also, Saying things like “Black is emo” and “NW doesn’t have docks” on cp is really low. No worries, All entire 37+ NW soldiers reported all 12 of yours. Expect to be banned by CP 😉

We have defended our capital, and we will be invading another DCP server soon. Congratulations NW, We have defeated DCP.


NW Defends the Snowforts

NW Defends the Cove

NW defends the Dock while doing Position Alpha

NW Defends the Forest

NW defends the Plaza

NW Defends the Night Club

NW Defends the Ski Village

NW Wins




31 Responses

  1. San’s just pissed that you’ve been dissing TG..

  2. I made it

  3. i made it

  4. i also made it

  5. I made it

  6. Great Battle.

  7. I was there. I noticed that whenever we entered a room DCP left right after.

    • i was there!!! we kicked DCP butt! and yah ven that was relly true. it was so weird when we entered the forest DCP went to the cove :l

  8. i also made it

  9. i made it btw it’s 25j75

  10. i made it i was there

  11. I wasn’t there but I WANT MEH PROMO XDDDD

  12. I made it. (proof)http://i946.photobucket.com/albums/ad308/ArianaMcpgirl/DEFENDING.jpg Theres more hwere that came from..

  13. i was nt there because i had a basket ball game and we lost to our first game

  14. DCP totally lied about their win. We won!

  15. I made it

  16. I didn’t make it because we had to go see my sisters concert

  17. Cool.

  18. i made it 🙂

  19. i was there NW FOREVER

  20. i made it

  21. Looks like DW and UMA are invading Wool Socks and Snow Day….

  22. I had a doctors appointment!

  23. hi im dude101 and i was at the defence of fog.
    p.s. dcp are liars.
    also did cpa central pick who won?

  24. I made it to the defence of fog.

  25. i made it.

  26. NW foreva
    i was there

  27. The Night Club is our club because we are the NIGHT Warriors and we’ll defend it.

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