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Invasion of Servers.

To Brandon: You are missing the point of this whole ordeal. Getting DCP not recognized as an army was just a part of the plan. Within the end of the week, your nation will belong entirely to NW and our allies. Be ready.

Hello NW, the army DCP (which is no more) has servers up for grabs. I know other armies own some of these servers, so we are liberating them from DCP for you. Here’s the info:

What?: Invasion of Cabin, Parka, Thermal, Mukluk, Powder Ball

When?: Saturday, November 13


2:00 pm PST

3:00 pm MST

4:00 pm CST

5:00 pm EST

10:00 pm UK

Each invasion will last 10-15 minutes. We will claim 5 rooms in those 15 minutes. The invasion of DCP’s entire nation will continue.

Each server we gain will be given to any army who wants it. Of course, it will only be given to your army if you’re an acquaintance of NW or you need some more servers to get your army in gear. Armies like AR, BA, RPF, RFW, WW, UMA and other armies. Also, I also stress again if these are one of your servers, be aware they were on the DCP nation page. NW will be liberating them for you. If they are one of your servers, contact me or Vendetta on chat or leave a comment so we may be aware.

“Live free or don’t at all”



40 Responses

  1. I can make all of them.

  2. i can make them all

  3. i think i can make them

  4. I can be there.

  5. Thanks, AR will except the servers. xD Im guessing you wont nee allies.

  6. its right at my dinner.. i should be able to make it for the whole thing if not half of it at least

  7. Thanks for liberating Powder Ball and Mukluk for us (:

  8. DCP doesnt even own Thermal….

  9. I WILL

  10. i can make it

  11. I Will try to make it because i have to do something but ill ask xbox to record some and ill do some when i get back

  12. im in i canmake it anytime, but why didnt u promoto my bro on the recruiting thing, u said there was gonna be promos -.- =.=.

  13. ill be there

  14. ill be there even though im banned

  15. i can make it

  16. i will try to get a new penguin to make them.

  17. I can make it.

  18. Im banned for 68 hours but i am going to use a penguin named imfab66 wich my friend let me use so NOTE:my xat name is Shamster607 and you will see me as imfab66 oncp

  19. i need them plz im just starting out icpa is the army plz give at least one

  20. I might not be able to make it. My mom is MAKING me go to my friends house
    but if my friend lets me on at 5:00 then I probably could make it. BUT he
    probably won’t let me.

  21. i can make it : D

  22. I will make it to Thermal

  23. I might make it if my mom doesn’t take too long at the supermarket.

  24. RPF thanks you for liberating Thermal and (although weakly claimed to) Parka for us.

    We will remember this favour and return it if needed.

  25. Mukluk belongs to Team Gold.

  26. I can come to part of it but not the whole thing

  27. I can make it..

  28. nah that was the last one

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