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My retirement

Yes, i’m retiring from all Club Penguin armies, as well as Xat. I’ve told most of you I wouldn’t retire for a year, but I have realized I just don’t have time for Club Penguin armies. So lets move on to my Thank-you list. (No specific order)

Vendetta: You’ve showed me a lot of things about Club Penguin, graphics, and other subjects. Also, I can still pwn you at Cod4 :mrgreen: (anyone who wants to add me on PSN, it’s “fisher00”)

Rice44: I still remember being in RW, and attempting to run for president. Thank you for recruiting me 🙂

Tomb: You’ve helped me mainly with graphics, but I never could really get to meet you. (The post was a draft, it wasn’t finished *D*)

LiveLove: Rawr.

KjBulldogs: Probably the 2nd person who I would be able to call a friend in armies. Good luck with RFW.

Todd: Good luck with your graphic making, I can see now you surpass me by far.

HurricaneX1: Best dude ever. (fortehlulz)

Coreh: Again, I’ve known you since Rw merged into RFW.

Andi: If you’re reading this, PC me. Do me a favor and i’ll give you my RS Account 😉 Still loaded with member stuff.

Thats it. If i seem to have forgotten you, PC me on Xat ( I’ll be on for a bit longer) or leave a comment.

I’ll see ya when I see ya,


18 Responses

  1. Cya vince!

  2. You wish.

  3. D:< vince left D:<

  4. Rawr. ):

  5. 😦 oh well if vince wants to retire i won”t force him.
    vince i wanna tell you this that you were a great leader and really knew the right tactics every battle.
    if you vendetta and tomb wasn”t here then we would have lost every battle.goodbye vince;and i hope you have a good future 😦

  6. NOO, VINCE 😦

  7. Vince, although your time back wasn’t all that long, alot of us still remember you fondly and wish you good luck and what your life will be after your retirement. But I’m sure Livelove will miss you much more than anyone else, and just remember this; if you retire, she may too. But no pressure, rught?

  8. bye vince aww man i was just getting to know you better

  9. Thx fr so much Vince. Without you Nw wouldn’t even exist. Thx for helping me when I needed someone to help me outa’ tight spots *Nice leader (: *shifty* Live’s gonna miss you a lot. Make sure to maybe jut go on Xat every once in a while on Vincy so she can see you. Thx for eveything. Without you, none of us would be here. GL with life. (‘:

    • Actually NW would exist. It’s a long story, but I thought of the name Night Warriors, but since Vince’s army already existed we had to merge with them in order to keep the name.

  10. Vince, you were a great leader. I’m gonna miss you a lot. Thank you for recruiting me.

  11. um….me?

  12. ven so we were alies with rfw?
    if we were how come were neutral?
    did we have problems with rfw?

  13. You forgot meh, Spiff. *d*

    Bye. xD

  14. BYE!

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