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A conflict.

Today ACP raided the server Matterhorn, which is owned by NW. Now, before I go into details, remember that rebellion that was made against NW? Well, we had reasonable proof that Mchappy of ACP had alot to do with it. Well, today he strengthened our suspicions when he led a direct attack on the NW Empire. Now, we aren’t so quick to start a war over this, because Mchappy isn’t the ACP leader. Although Mchappy apparently thinks otherwise. I will talk to Bob (ACP Leader) about what happened. Here are some pics of the things Mchappy said after we confronted him.

Unfortunately, you don't have the authority to do that.


Not that easy. 😉

As a retaliation, we raided the ACP server Hibernate. It was just some payback for what Mchappy did.

And to Mchappy, You don’t scare me, nor do you scare NW. If you mess with the bull, you’ll get messed up.





33 Responses

  1. Firstly, you cut out what I said so the first picture of me doesn’t give any proof at all. Secondly, what is so wrong with listening to ACP Soldiers, I definitely see nothing wrong with it. Thirdly, you didn’t give any reason why I helped any Rebellion; And I’VE NEVER HAVE, if I would of I wouldn’t be afraid to admit it. I’ve never gone against NW until today. Fourthly, you don’t have any proof of me saying that I can Declare War- that’s just a fail… Fifthly, I’m not messing with anyone; You enlighten the flame. Sixthly, you like to attack innocent people, this is just what I need right now with my life situation.

  2. mwahahahaha

  3. Why can’t we just hate on DCP 😦

  4. Am I the only one who kinda wants to see this war? xD

  5. Some guts you have not being afraid of the #1 army of CP.

  6. Not fearing ACP is not bravery, it is the most extream form of stupidity.

    If you help ACP prevoke a fight with you then you’ll probably be invaded and blown to shreds. Like IW and the Nachos were about 7 times.

    • And yet that hasn’t happened. Why, I wonder? Why don’t you carry on with the affairs of RPF and leave the actual fighting to the armies that have a say in it.

    • So what is being afraid of ACP? Smartness?

      If so, then (I hate to say this) RPF is extreamly smart. Because you have been hiding behind ACP for the past year or so.

      I don’t get what you’re saying :\

      • Back in January or February, there actually was a war between ACP and RPF. I believe ACP kept there capital tuxedo until Matre became leader and gave it back so RPF could rebuild their nation.

        I also vaguely remember boomer in late 2009 holding a poll to see if they should have a war against RPF, and the result was “they aren’t worth it.” This last one may be wrong due to it being based off my memory, but I believe the first one did happen.

      • Being afraid of ACP is cowardly, but being cautious of ACP is intelligent.

      • for once, i agree with somebody in the ACP. nobody should fear ACP. I would very quickly attack a band of 40 ACP by myself. I haven’t had that chance, but I have attacked 2 ACP and 1 SWAT(i think) at the same time and won. You should be cautious with any army, because any army can win any battle.

    • 7 times? Make that 10+ for IW

    • Emperer Do you ever shut up? You’re everywhere CPA any army site trying to look smart but You fail epicly and make your self look like a moron. -.- Plus you can’t even spell emperor correctly. <.<

      • very true. not fearing ACP is showing independence(i hope i spelled that correctly). i dont care what army you’re in. fearing ACP is extreme stupidity. stand up for yourself.

  7. Nachos own Matterhorn…

    Actually, no. We re-invaded our nation this Saturday and Sunday and Matterhorn was one of those servers.


  9. The quote would’ve been better if it was, “If you mess with bull, you get the horns.” lol 😛


  10. ACP is stupid.

  11. ACP sucks and they’re going down! ACP field General

  12. Again, all I say is:

  13. Lmao
    The thing I love about this is that NW challenged ACP to a battle, and yet you guys are complaining about a raid on an NW server by ACP. Also, about Mchappy wanting to declare war on NW:

    From what it looks like, 95% of ACP soldiers would like a war with NW. Let’s face it, it’s not like it’s completely unprovoked. NW has sat and insulted just about every army there is, yet has avoided conflict with ACP because they have been busy with armies like the Nachos and IW previously. Honestly, as I’m writing this comment, random comments are being made on ACP chat “I CAN’T WAIT TO GO TO WAR WITH NW” and of the same kind.

    • It’s a battle not an invasion. I didn’t know it was morally just to raid an army if they challenge you to a somewhat friendly battle. Funny, your percentage is the exact same as the noobs in ACP.

      • Ah, but there is the problem. The mindset of armies these days rarely allows a simple friendly battle for the number 1 army spot. Especially the number 1 army spot. And about the noobs in ACP, I do agree with you to an extent on that xD.
        However, it’s hard to avoid war with an army that seems to really want it, especially when NW is the closest size to ACP as anyone is.

  14. u guys radied our server and ACP lose epically

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