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On Saturday we test our might against one of the largest forces CP has ever seen, ACP. We stand against them humble and proud. If certain defeat seems our only end, then we bitterly trudge on. We will need every Night Warrior if we hope of coming out of the green hell that awaits us, ever patient. Stand with us if you are a Night Warrior!


Saturday, 11/27


12:00pm PST (Penguin Standard Time)

1:00pm MST

2:00pm CST

3:00pm EST






100 Responses

  1. I can make it.

  2. I CAN MAKE!

  3. 2nd yea oh and ill be there duhhh

  4. i will make it

  5. and also i can make it!

  6. I can make it.

    • Well actually, I’m celebrating thanksgiving on that day so I’m gonna try to make. I might not. P.S. ACP is stupid and their tactics are useless against NW.

      • Actually I might make it because I might celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday or I might not make it because I will celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday.

  7. i will come

  8. YEAH LETS KILL EM ALL!!!!1!!!

  9. i will be there (;

  10. Ill make it

  11. I’ll totally make it, GOOOOOOOOOO NW!!!

  12. Am coming!

  13. woot! im comin and were gonna beat ACP`s butts! Army of Cute Ponies lol

  14. i can make it

  15. ill be there if not me then vivi will 🙂

  16. I CAN MAKE IT!

  17. ill defintely try sir but becuz thanks giving weekend i cant promise sirs but ill try

  18. im in because its acp and i hate them!!

  19. i can make it

  20. Of course i can come. NW Forever!!! xD

  21. I’ma try like usual. Lucky’s, you’re all certain *wary* I have to go out sometimes :\

  22. Lets give em hell and burn their flag and raise the glorious NW flag

  23. yep i will

  24. i will attend because im not gonna let acp beat us

  25. i can come sir!


  27. I can probably make it.

    ~The Congregation of the Damned~

  28. Most likely, yes.

  29. Ill make it…………………….

  30. i can make it
    and ill practice for the battle

  31. Good Luck 🙂

  32. I Can Make It! Night Warriors Forever

  33. I won’t be there, relatives and stuff.

  34. I can make it p.s. thanks for 3:00

  35. I can make it


  37. I will make it.

  38. I think ill be able to make it

  39. Expect me to be there.

  40. i belive i can make it

  41. I can be there srry im late but i need a promo!!!!! ill be their

  42. i will make it


  44. woops i forgot to post i think i can make it.

  45. sirs u kno i will ty for my army but my dad probably wont let me i have thanksgiving weekend plans sir its tradition i cant im sooooo srry nw tht i let u down but i cant im srry

  46. LETS PWN EM WOO (ninja style) XD

  47. I might be able to make it

  48. im going there

  49. i think i can i might miss like 5 minutes late

  50. I’ll try my very hardest to come!
    But I /might/ not be in state at that time.

  51. i dont think i can.. ill try tho! 🙂 See ya there if im there guys!

    • lets beat the s**t outta those acp :P. i hope we win! it would be good to finnally see our name at the top of the list 😀

  52. I don’t know because of my piano lesson.

    If I don’t come, kick ACP butt!

    If I do come, i’ll help you kick ACP butt!

  53. I’ll be there.


  55. me too

  56. I might not be able to make it

  57. one thing if i suddenly leave and come back its adobe crashing so sry.

  58. i will try to make it

  59. lets win this battle and ill be there

  60. can’t mak it gonna be in virginia srry! oh and u don’t have to say mean things about acp its just online things so don’t have to be mean that’s cyberbullying! u DON’T wanna be a bully! If u do thats just wrong!

  61. I’ll be there.

  62. i will be there

  63. I might can make it!

  64. I might can make it to battle! Go NW!

  65. Ill be there.

  66. well, if it’s it this big and if it’s against acp then i’ll try my very hardest to try and get on. i’ll steal from my mom if needed XD

  67. hell yeah ill be there

  68. I may not make it

  69. idk i might be at my uncles i will be there i hopez

  70. I will try to make it.

  71. idk rfw has to invade and defend on the same day so we’ll see

  72. i think i will make it and the acp will never win agenst nw. and nw rocks and acp drules

  73. Yeah, I can make it.


  75. i will make it realy

  76. I can make it (I think)

  77. i can make it i will be safety and go to weak rooms with very little NW hut lots of ACP

  78. i meant butt

  79. i will make it but where do you get the uniforms

  80. ill make make it

  81. im in

  82. i am not in yet but if i get in ill come

  83. I’ll most likely be there.

  84. yeah ill be there

  85. I will be there

  86. i wont be on chat but usally am huddled up so ill be there through


  87. Her are some pics i took from the Battle:

  88. i kno theres a battle im going to be there to kick SOME BUTTOWSKI!!!!

  89. Comment 100.

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