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Promotions: Comment


Fill out the question below.

CP name:

Xat Name:

Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion:


72 Responses

  1. CP name: Cody234

    Xat Name:Cody234

    Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion: I deserve a promotion beacause I follow orders when everyone is talking I alsovtry my best to anoy the foe when ever posible.

  2. i made the battle

  3. Hemto

    Hemto aka talex831

    I made it.

    • cp name: uttrn
      xat name:chris cool. Reason why you deserve a promotion. I will always do my best in everything that i do. If i can’t make it im traveling or doing a family outing. As long as I can make it I’ll be there till the very end of nw Making sure We’re always # 1

  4. 1.my cp name is pop3468
    2.my xat name is dude101 the hip hop legend
    3.yes i did make it to the battle against acp and i say i deserve a promtion because every event i go to i focus hard. i always focus on the objective and i listen to every single order. i check about everything on the site and i am very active.
    i always follow the rules every battle and never give up for example,if you tell us to go into the forest and it”s full i don”t give up and go back to fight the opponent.
    i do NOT ask to be a mod on chat,i am very aware of things i do and i never surrender or turn back.
    i am really proud to be a night warrior.

    this isn”t part of the comment for the promotion but i would like to say that ever since the first time i joined i got a little excited an frightend.
    i never knew who my leaders were that time and i had no idea what tactics where and things like that later on i got to know every thing.
    but later on,i thought i made a bad choice join nw
    later on i knew i made the right choice and joined the right army.
    i PROMISE i will never join any other army.

  5. I show up to all NW events and I never got ranked.
    CP name: Andre9765
    Xat Name: Andre9765/Nightmare
    Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion: I made it and i am always there and very loyal

  6. chadywaddy
    tomb i believe i desereve a promo because i helped the other night warriors in need

  7. 1.CJ5901 2. chanceflemming 3. i did make it and i derserve a promo because ive been so active SINCE I JOINED THIS ARMY

  8. Im ashamed, I did not make the battle

  9. !0 Freddy
    Blah Blah Blah ACP Sucks (I was denied a member though)
    I made it to the entire battle

  10. Cp name:one4444
    Xat name:Zelecon
    Why do you deserve a promotion:i came to battle against ACP and i came up with recruiting phrases and i come to almost every recruiting session

  11. king cool 13 but it was banned so i use willcins but i was there as ninja1475
    i made it

  12. Coolmanc1
    I made it

  13. Pingubird
    I made it

  14. sammyrocks06
    xat name- cpt.sammy

  15. Monster47345
    yup because i made it to all the events and i was listening to the owners who was leading

  16. CP name: Ohlie
    Xat Name: iMakeBabies
    Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion: Because I have good sportsmanship saying ACP won.

  17. CP

  18. cp name: Gordonedward
    Xat name: gordonedward

    Did you make it: Yes

  19. Rkeading
    Achillies (Rkeading) Btots Aprentice NW soldier

    I Don’t deserve a promo because i only asked to join Yesterday when i asked a leader i used to be in other armies but i quit them i will not join anyothers

  20. CP name: Joe 3179
    Xat name Joe 3179
    Did You make it: Yes i did

  21. Cp name : Jack mcintyr
    Xat name : Seth the fresh prince of nw
    Yes i made the acp battle and i went to thw nwtr battle also im really active

  22. cp anme : Jack mcintyr
    Xat name : Seth
    Why : I made the battle and i lead blue team to victory in nwtr and also im extremely active!

    • LOL
      U LOST!!!! Red won i lead them to victory *dhat* even ask the judge *wary* NOT ARGUING BTW!!!

  23. cp name:1night7
    xat name:1night7
    Dod you make it: yes

  24. 1.Monkeyman674 2.Monkeyman674 3.I Deserve one Because I made It to the battle with acp (27th) and Im loyal to nw

  25. Cp name:TanMan626
    Xat name: Tanman626
    Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion?: I made most of the ACP battle.. I cant be on daily unschedualed stuff due to also leading the Nachos but I try to make 60% of events :D. I am also on chat everyday usually

  26. CP name: DJ SLIDES
    Xat name: rkoguy

    i made it and i deserve a promo because i have never missed an event

  27. Joesiv2000
    I made acp battle but my chat was out and i didnt get a promo last time

  28. 1: Hiu403

    2: I am still making one

    3: I made it on my friends penguin k8hy9 an I think I deserve a promotion because I helped and listened to the comanders I was also there for the whole battle

  29. 1)bingo81336

  30. name:sky girl8050 xat name:sky girl8050 was i there:yes,and i should get a promotion because i’m alwas loyal and there were 2 battles yesterday one againts ACP,and another to help our allies,which ended up into to a battle againts all other armies

  31. 1.danielw6
    3.i was there and worked really hard

  32. 1. Blake50000
    2. Blake50000
    3. I think i deserve a promo because i got in front of big groups of ACP soldiers and screamed “Night Warriors!!!!!!!” over and over and over again. I also went on the ACP site to spy and spam them. this is why i deserve a promo.

  33. Sadly i didn’t make it but i deserve it for telling the truth 😀 lol jk

  34. Cp name:p47088298 Xat name:Halo I did make the war for acp but I do not need the promotion because I do it for the army not the promos.

  35. I deserve a cookie.

  36. CP name: Danster321

    Xat Name: Danster321

    Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion: I made it. I deserve a promotion because I came to all the recruiting sessions, invasions, battles, and I took pictures during the battle of ACP.

  37. 1. Shadowe2
    2. •ѕнa∂σω•
    3. Yes, I made it to the battle with ACP

  38. CP name: Emmalise

    Xat Name: Emmalise

    Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion: I made the battle and I’m on every day for more than a hour and I always recruit

  39. CP name: Live Love1
    Xat Name: ℓινєℓσνє    ♥ νιηcє ♥  ||ηω ℓιєυтєηaηт||
    Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion: Yes i made it. I deserve a promo cuz i go to every recruiting, every battle and im on chats for hours everyday.

  40. CP name:Shamster607
    Xat name:(boy)Shamster607(pgm)_NW_soldier(mgp)(paint)(BIO)real_name:..PC_me
    Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion:Yes i made it. I deserve a promotion cause im mostly active and attend big battles and (mostly) follow orders.

  41. CP name:darki949

    Xat Name: lord darki949

    Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion: i have been in the acp battle since 3:00. and i deserve a promo bc i have been in some recruiting sessions and a lot of events.

    • *SCREAMS* LIESSSSSSS u have? i swear i didnt see u there.. and TBH AND I COULD BE WRONG BUT TBH!!! i never see u at recruiting.. only 3 times i have XDDD thats just me *wary*

  42. I deserve a promo cuz i show up to every recruiting and I always follow order’s. I have attended all major battles and will continue always being part of every battle.

  43. CP Name: Andreag4 (Tux520)

    Xat name: Andrea

  44. CP name:colt22922

    Xat Name:

    Did you make it or why do you deserve a promotion:i made it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Cp name : Jack mcintyr
    Xat name : Seth
    Why: Well im on chat almost more hours than enyobdy on the weekends and i made the acp battles, i respect other troops and i admin on nwtr

  46. cp name:darki949

    xat name: lord darki949 aka scream aka stealth spy

    did you make it: yeah i made it to acp battle and fought in cp. we made a really big circle in cp too!

  47. CP Name: Paramorexxx
    Xat Name: Raven
    Did you make it or why you deserve a promotion: Yup, I made it.

  48. CP:Osd2001 xat:osd2001 i made it

  49. Aegpg
    I made it, and it was awesome!!!

  50. 1.bigpenguin54 2.xxawesomex 3.i really need a promotion sorry i wasnt on alot my laptop is broken 😦

  51. :@ (mad)

  52. im not really mad.

  53. Why are my comments awaiting moderation on every site I comment on!? 👿

  54. how come i didnt get a promo? i go to everything and i only missed one recruiting.. i deserve that promo :\

  55. man i love this website it is the best atlrast we get pictures from battles

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