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Some things to get clear.

Recently, we have been bombarded in a way with unexpected events that other armies expect us to attend. Take IW for instance. They posted about how they were going to have a practice battle with us in 2 weeks. We did not even get asked if we were ok with this. Also, this World War for fun thing. This wasn’t as bad, but still, can you please inform us at least a week before? We are not attending neither of these things because of alot of things.

  1. NW was not informed and so we don’t want to show up with a few troops.
  2. I am going out of town this weekend so I cannot be on
  3. We have other plans.

On another note..

NW, we will resume with regular recruiting this weekend, and I expect everyone to do it. NEXT weekend will be NW boot camp. We will be training and training hard for at least 1-3 hours each day. Evaluation will be issued at random, and you better hope that you get a good one (that is if you are issued one). Think of this as conditioning. We will review all basic tactics and maneuvers, and I will maybe introduce new tactics. Your best study guide is the tactics page. Think of this as conditioning. Another thing, this is MANDATORY. If you miss one, you will automatically get evaluated. If you fail evaluation, you get demoted. If you miss 2 days of Boot camp, you will get demoted automatically. if you miss all 3, you will get demoted 2 ranks. Yes, this is that important. I will post more info on Monday, but for now, prepare because boot camp will be hard.



17 Responses

  1. meep

  2. 😐 You were informed over the weekend. You still have 2 days. I mean really, if you’re the Nacho Advisor, you should check the site every now and then.

    Tomb: I do check the site now and then, and if Im correct, it doesn’t say anything on when it is going to be. There is no indication that we were supposed to attend. Maybe next week. Besides, the whole thing would’ve failed anyways. First off, no one should’ve said the server, because ACP is always there 5 hours before, cloggging everything up. ACP would’ve claimed victory, and we would not be able to enter the server. I think if it was more planned out and thought through, it would’ve been a little better. 😐

  3. Now since you want to be picky, you have basically ruined the whole tournament. It’s for fun for god’s sake. Nobody’s gonna care if you have less troops. CPAC will be more interested with the ACP vs. NW battle than the WWFF.

    Tomb: I’m being picky for my armies sake. There is a tournament coming up, and I plan for NW to win it. So if you have a problem with it, too bad.

    • Come on Pie, you know how ACP ticks. If they beat NW here, they’ll claim superiority. Fun has no definition to them. Oh, and Tomb has a point. Giving out the server was a baddd idea. 😆

  4. is the boot camp at the same time that the daily recruiting?

  5. this nw boot camp seems fun but where”s the times?

  6. really where”s the times?

  7. Time Might Be Different for other people I Might Still be at School and Mondays Tuesdays and wesndays I have to Leave around 5:00 EST What If I Miss it?


  9. the best time for me is 7:00 or 7:30

  10. just to tell you i am cst

  11. please dont demote me because my laptop is broke please wait 2 weeks for me to come back PLEASE DONT and tomb:i need a promo

  12. Guys what if you possibly cannot make it like if a family member died or u were at the store and u will get computer taken away if u dont follow orders

  13. guys he said the WEEKEND. Read the post throughly. I Will be at every boot camp session.

  14. ILL MAKE IT! and ven why didnt you promote me! and by the way the recruitings are litterally when school ends for me. So im always a bit late except for on weekends.

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