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  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic We are the Night Warriors, an Army of Club Penguin. One of the strongest in all the lands. Our mission is not to protect Club Penguin. No, we aren't the 'good guy' and we don't try to be, nor are we evil. We just try to have fun. Stand with us. We, the few, that stand against all foes that seek to undermine our might. For we answer to no one. Join us in our conquest. Join us in our plight to become the strongest Army of Club Penguin. We are the Official Night Warriors Army of Club Penguin. All enemies beware.
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December Promotions


If you didn’t get a promotion answer the follow:

CP Name:

Xat Name:

Why you deserve it:


Need To Get Ranked?

(Applies only if you haven’t commented on the Join Page)

1.) First leave a comment on the Join Page. Answer all the questions.
2.) Give us a time span of 24-hours before checking for your rank.
3.) Be active by going to events and chatting with fellow Night Warriors

Night Lord

Vendetta, Tomb147





______Owner Line______

moderator 1.0Grand Generalmoderator 1.0

moderator 1.0Head Generalmoderator 1.0

moderator 1.0Major Generalmoderator 1.0

moderator 1.0Brigadier Generalmoderator 1.0

Drake8893 , Todd3646

moderator 1.0Generalmoderator 1.0

Emmalise[P], Cody234[P], Jack Mcintyre[P], Coolmanc1[P]

______Mod Line______


Simi78049[P], Shadowe2[P] ,


Liljonah, Nasa7, Fireball5341, Flontoonie, Iceeblu101, Mohd222, Pinkeypiebea, Penguin72418, 4455ashpie, Juneau2, Hannah30033, Omega39, Alpha 1, Vuff20, Fiasco 121, Jcool 57, Cookie Cat, 27brian uma, Bmf7364, Micro ice 6, Shadowe2 , Paramorexxx , Kj Bulldogs1 , Shadow Mists, LiveLove1[P],


Fireball5341, Flontoonie, Iceeblu101, Mohd222, Pinkeypiebea, Penguin72418, 4455ashpie, Juneau2, Hannah30033, Omega39, Alpha 1, Vuff20, Fiasco 121, Jcool 57 , Cookie Cat, 27brian uma, Bmf7364, Micro ice 6, Cookies Pal, Mavs412, Pokeman2277, Dj Slides[P], Sabrina66044[P],


Isaiah8906, Slumdog36, Princess7328, Kyl1, Chill Bill99, Chosenone334, Flamesix3, Korei 4 , Nikkisix23, Pingu54529 , Khimo98/Hordash1, Etac14, Draco Joe, Bryjaz , Cjcooper, Zayer , Cn775, Withyoually , Auburndude, Sammyrocks06, Uttrn , Shipe1, Darki949 , Danster321[P], Gwen44107[P], One444[P], Ariana M[P], Monkeyman674[P], Joesiv2000[P],


Fizzer Green, Preetypink6, Puppy reflex,Drake24656, Lemonhead141, TanMan626 , Hotrod711, Ellabell645, Slade95594, Jaw7, Bobfredcool9, Ipenguin7656, Ninja7 h, Brandy89815, Blackbelton, Gorkyr , Flame guy 36, Trudog2, Daleearnhart, Super Carlo2, Whoa Lakeops, Narutorule5, Alphaonyx, Chicksrule3, El Rey, Hannah M 369 , Clappy 09 , Phineas37295 , Lil lady911, Greener161, Bluebirds19, Spain68989, Gemaconman, Jim430, Cometi, Chaos42, Natewill1, Sara9817 , Shadow5560, Justinr9, Gpim, Oberst543, Estrella88 , Osd2001[P], Joltleon123[P],


Popgirl566, Gailmonster, Starfy Fan, Rockbandezra, Hawkins87, Pplk225, Derrise, Loona71192, Patrick2143, Adarsh 18, Twister6888, Kdied, Jujuboy23, Marianne3013, Skippy55, Txtchampion1, Dinoscheese, Pendy pengui, Dojoroccer, Jmax09, Clone5677, Commando890, Sora43990, Jordie6006, Recoz9, Milly Rose 4, Willcins, Marianne3013, Gunther7, Chandler707, Secret Paige, Blury1, Yasmine0615, Legokg, Jerichodog, Wubzzy001, Kurd89, Jojo21110, Jewls30 , Abby Walker, Poppers12321, Lnml, Mamuti56, Emrald361 , Acero , Ginger18111, Helment, Fluffy2451 , Tes7, CoolcatAAS , Jc Jr 1234, Magma Boy, Dark Drifter, Splinterman3, Jake3848, RED OLDS, Keithe1, Finn the dog, Bffrules00, John415, Shamster607 , Torri100,Treefrog1027,Calum101, Rouge1669 , Faustinov , Camohunter09,Kimberly0748, Slippy007 , Jonny 313 , Mike 780, Tiger65535, Mr Peepers4, Aegpg , Lego0406 , KotSad111, Matto9, Gin Ichimaru, Mimo279, Echo514, Sage Naruto, AgentAgent55, Icecoo, Cbv89, NachoFace2, Divetrap, Mikdu19, Mubinsd, 123John3, Dude 101, Shane770, Apocolypse66, Millie931, 10 Freddy, TOMPACK, Joe 3179, hbk300, Alex19201, Swimmy15568, coolnic3 , Firemanhg, Jasira1, Zarea8, Brownieman7, Andreag4 (Tux520), Champ503 , Angel Love66, Frederick3, Danielw6[P], Darktj[P], Pltad[P], Sky Girl8050[P],


1night7, 1XD2, 5 Werewolf, 7pluto, 25j75, 27hearts28, 33sean, 321 Dude, 515224we, Abcdcool1, Abhi 25, Agentdj123, Ajman9011,Amarra1, Amr1312, Angel2008, Anonymous173, Arian 2005, Auburndude, Aura35409, Awesome killer2, Awsome23057, Bails116, Baybeebloo92, Bbritzi boy, BbyC9, Beaglemurphy, Bearsandcubs, Bella Girl12, Benmaster7, Bigoreid, Bigpenguin54, Billybob1, Bingo81336, Blackkirby, Black Takshi, Blackx1, Blake50000, Bleu2000, Bluecute100, Blueegg, Bluesoda2, Bluestar 257, Bobby168, Bobbyzachk7, Bob chicken, Bomber Ted, Booguis, Bookbag9, Boy Vet, Brandster2, Brittany9891, Bub Master, C7d123, Cahockey, Candysweet46, Cdscratch4, Chadywaddy, Champ5032, Chase470, Chester99, Christy5891 Chubbykins34, Cjf5901, CJFischer, Cody88885, Coffee1000, Colt22922, Colton127, Conan130, Conner12346, CraZy Plank, Cubbyfan2, Dacan77, Dade324, Dade324, Daniel5674, Djcool1998, Doodle216, Doydle 400, Dragon98911, Drake H, Drigo2, Dvddivi, Dxman456, Eaglegirl45, Echo514, Ember12, Emily71246, Eriki97, Excel Guy, Ezio490, Fido1625, Finn rid789, Fiona43, Flamingold7, Flash70801, Flyer50, Frozen Ice2, Gamer7171, Gardengirlle, Ghost7891, Gijoe37, GKid, Gman88992, Gold Rock94, Gordonedward, Green man995, Grillchz200, Happyfoot7, Heatblast557, Hiu403, Hunterman247, Icee icee1, ICK1468, Ipod82,Island sno, J Kid2, JackJack2060, Jacob5002, Jakky5, JamesJames5, Jazz, Jbspot, Jeffo 02, Jesster321, Jet, Jg333, Ji V 3445, Jiggy733, Jillykinz, Jjdj235, Jjn8, Jjunior562, Joee125, Joker 1031, Jooeric, Kako4, Kelliann1, Kenny601, Kid Icarus66, Kikara, Kimmy71499, Kman66666, Krissy 144, Ktmkid01, Kurtsceeman, Kvlfdsa, Legokidz8000, Legos573, LeleLu, Leogriffiths, Leonjudo, Lil Red M, Lilypad112, M5happface, Mahomietommy, Manosrock, Mario 1968, Maris1123, Massa4492, Mattew722, Max0504, Maxi96203, Maxxor129, Maxy59726, Mdog25000, Mecoria, Migalo, Mikerules123, Miley101923, Missy9403, Modelo125, Monkeyrae, Monztarr, Moonshadow55, Mr Cxz, Nancydrew810, Newj3, Nick11133, Nikeman7, Ninja Rae, Noble 6390, Noel619bk, Non Murphy20, Noronna, Nspry10, Nubby110, Osmanmaster4, P115533942, P47088298, Pajch, John, Penguin 1030, Pengwee48422, Pengy22222, Pokebanjo, Pokinaround, Popey395, Powell12, Ppaassttaa, Purplegiant3, Rainie Love, Ray Materio, Redguy95, Redicepengui, Redman4145, Rhenya, Rkeading, Robber91(Peppy250), Robbybobby, Rocky25721, Rohail96, Rriity, Saddle24660, Sammie203, Sasuke12347, Shadowboy5, Shellie777, Sideswipe310, Skibunnyabc, Skimo 42, Skullcandy67, Skyler324, Skymania17, Smoco, Snake4009, Snowy 805, Soccerfan916, Soccerman179, Soldierboy48, Sony350, Sora10487, Sparkly83, Speed Kick, Spongebobm1, Spotgirl99, Sprout122, Sssfffppp, Stinkerbear9, Susieq2001,Swimmy Blue, Tak 1998, Teadan, Thq961, Tiny 739, Toadsagenana, Toffcutie, Toothyhawk, Tornado16098, TornadoZ, Tumble12343, Tumble 12343, Tyler15459, Vally1195,Very Cute2, Viking 800, Violet7201, Waddle31727, Warany2, Wesem, Whizzpop1, Wiilliam, Wise87, WweFreak123, Xhawk34, Xzavier6, Yey100000, Yuvi 124, Zipyman,

11 Responses

  1. 1.bigpenguin54 2.xxawesomex 2. because i will be at the winter battle and i really need a promotion

  2. 1. Doydle 400
    2. Doydle_400
    3. Im Always On The Chat i have been hear for a while and i need a promotion

  3. 1.pop3468
    3.I am very wise on what i do in every battle and i always obey every command.I do not spy and I do not get disturbed in any thing,i do not ask for anything (unless i coment for promotions like right now) I recpect everyone on chat,i do my best to make every event and i am very sensible about the time i am a very wise soldier and i know what to do.

  4. CP Name: Paramorexxx
    Xat Name: Raven
    Why you deserve it: I’ve been active in recruiting, chat, and I attended the battle against ACP.

  5. CP Name: Shadow Mists
    Xat Name: Kayylah / BrokenFallenAngel
    Why you deserve it: I personally think I deserve it because, I’m on chat /every/ day, no matter what, though I’m not much of a talker. Secondly I make most events.

  6. Woah you guys are actually gonna make me start from private O_O?

  7. cp name : cjf501
    xat name : chance
    why you deserve: i deserve the promo because im on chat EVERYDAY i make all the battles and im still a private

  8. CP name Joe 3179
    Xat name Joe 3179
    why you deserve it: i have been to the ACP battle and have made as many events as i can and im on chat every day.

  9. CP Name:darki949

    Xat Name:darki949 aka starkiller (l) sammy (l) aka stealth spy. nw spy

    Why you deserve it: umm because i have been to every events and miss a few recruting seesion because of school and did make it to acp war and yes i did do a lot of events and so far i think nw should be in the #1 spot of the top ten

  10. cp name: uttrn
    xat name: DUDE
    i think i should get a promotion cause i do my best in everything i try to make all recruiting but i m getting home later. I will always try my best no matter what

  11. My name is carlycarmine
    I dont have a xat name
    I need a promotion so i can be reconized and lead all of us to victory I was at the war last night and helped claim the snow forts and i can be useful to the nigh twarrios

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