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Victory Against IW? To be decided.

Yes, we won against IW. There was little fighting and many joke bombs on IW’s part. Seriously, there should be a cap to how many Joke Bombs one side can use. NW, naturally, never used a single J bomb. Here are some of the pictures.


19+ NW Emotes 10+ IW Emotes.

Look at the bottom of the room. So little IW.


Look at the bottom. So little IW?

Is this how IW wins every battle? Disgraceful.


23 Responses

  1. =D

  2. we melted thoose ice cubes!

  3. I was there.

  4. i was there while we melted those ice pops

  5. i was at it while we melted those ice pops

  6. i was there

  7. Made it,

  8. i was there (i was pop3468)

  9. I made it all.

  10. i was there

  11. I thought NW did good yet you still have to go ahead and basically ask for a flame war. In those pictures with IW NW looked pretty small. Also,why should J bomb’s be banned? They aren’t really effective anyways.

    Btw, Gord is supid, no one listened to him anyways.

    • We’re not trying to start a flame war of any kind. :\ And J bombs are cheap if overused. In general, no army should overly rely no one tactic.
      And we’re still looking into the Gord situation seeing and some NW members were kicked off the server.

  12. lol i saw a vid of iw in a battle and they can always do side convos which is not good,and their leaders barely even gag.

  13. I made it

  14. The last pic just confirmed you were spying.

  15. Actually I think IW does do that for every battle because at a ACP vs. IW battle 17 ACP were kicked off of a server by a moderator. (I know because i was kicked off and people on chat chat they were kicked off to) NW so won.

  16. ice warriors are always so cheap and tell mods to ban other oponents,i think that should be a new rule because it is obvious the army that called the mods to ban thier oponents will dominate the enemy and is easily gonna win.

    p.s.there should be a rule for maximum of j bombs.lol.

  17. ice warriors ruin battle when they call mods to ban enemies because how will you fight the enemy if they are kicked off the server or banned?
    it is nothing like a battle if you don”t fight your enemy. does anyone agree with me?

  18. I made it and saw us all beet those ice warriors!!! I am in the picture! I like the night warriors alot! Happy Holiday’s!

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