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Tomb: The Night Warriors of Club penguin claim the following severs: Oyster, Jackfrost, Hockey.

We made it to the next round of the tournament, and are one step closer to victory. Our resolve must not wane. We must pull together and keep in fighting until this tournament is ours!



Sunday, December 19th, 2010
:arrow: 10:00 AM PST (PENGUIN TIME)
:arrow: 11:00 AM MST
:arrow: 12:00 PM  CST
:arrow: 1:00 PM EST



Saturday, December 18th, 2010
:arrow: 11:00 AM PST (Penguin Time)
:arrow: 12:00 PM MST
:arrow: 1:00 PM  CST
:arrow: 2:00 PM EST




54 Responses

  1. I can come to both!

    • I can probably make both.The first one definetly. The second one maybe if Im not stuck in church.I’ll Notify You before the battles.There is a 90% chance.

  2. ill try to get to both an 2nd! suckas!!!

  3. I can come to both also.

  4. I’ll make both. (:

  5. i can make it!

  6. ummm you put EST as AMs…. if its AM then hell no i can’t but PM yea of course i’ll make it (;

  7. i will make both

  8. i cant garentee i can come because i can’t connect to xat and cp wont load either so plz dont demote me if i cant come.

  9. I can make it. Also, aren’t RFW our allies? And IW and IV are allies now?

  10. Yeah I can make it.

  11. i can make it…. i think

  12. i can come to both of them 🙂 nw pwnes every army that there is to know about!

  13. i can come to both…. and we will win 100% chance we will win

  14. Will make it

  15. ill b at both and ven u made a mistake its not am for EST its pm.

  16. i can make them

  17. I can make both

  18. i can make both

  19. Kind of early for me to wake up but I will try to make it to both

  20. ill make it to both

  21. i can make the first one but i dont know about the second one

  22. I’ll be at both unless something comes up.

  23. ill make it 2 both

  24. I might make it

  25. Cannot make either of them NINJA STYLE

  26. I might make it.

  27. I can probably make it.

  28. i think ill make at least one of them

  29. I think i can make it! im pretty sure i can

  30. Ya i can probally make it to both unless something come up

  31. I can make 1st yea. But 2nd like Ariana said, as long as I’m not stuck in church.

  32. ill make it to both

  33. IW had dibs on Jack frost & Oyster

  34. ven, is it 7 gmt for the first and 6 gmt for the 2nd ?

  35. I`ll try to come and if i dont thats probably cuz i couldnt be on the computer at that time

  36. i can make it to both!! and we are going to pwned you iw. reply if you agreed!

  37. I’m coming because I could make it.

  38. i will try

  39. I can go to the battle against IW/IV and RFW

  40. ven u didnt put the server

  41. i can make it to the 1st battle and maybe the second

  42. This is my second battle I can make it!

  43. made second already

  44. Here are the pics from the RFW battle:

  45. ill make it.

  46. You cant just claim Hockey Oyster and Jackfrost.
    You have to claim it because UMA is invading some of those servers.
    Tomb: We just did. And if UMA has a problem with it, we’d be glad to mess them up.

  47. I want to just go after the IW because I like the IV.

  48. i can make it

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