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Well today it was voted on by both judges unanimously that we lost. But, how? We had more (according to Gill) and our tactics were on par with theirs. You can decide for yourself who actually won. Hope it makes it difference since the verdict yesterday was ruled a tie from an inadequate judge.



30 Responses

  1. ikr were were bigger 60% of the time apperntly

  2. dam it. i was expecting a win :(. well i guess judges can make big mistakes sometimes

  3. and yay 1st comment suck on that!

  4. i mean 2nd 😦

  5. Not fair. I am guessing all of the judges had a meeting and told each other to always vote for iv. This makes isnt right. There has gotta be a mistake :/ 😦

  6. Ven I gotta question? Do we still keep or #2 spot on the top ten or do we fall?

  7. Battles have been judged poorly the entire tournament. I don’t even know why we let CPA Central keep organizing these things.

  8. Yea Why does CPAC always organize them there idiots am i right?

  9. Well, ACP’s gonna win the Legends Cup.

  10. I’m confused. Why the hell would you make a guy who lost to both armies in the battle, the judge of it? Plain stupidity


  12. I watched the whole battle
    NW= Better size
    IV= Better Tactics
    This tournament is all about tactics its how Nachos beat ACP and IW in legends cup.
    -Both armies were even and NW wasnt at their best

  13. why the hell will someone put gill as judge if he hates nw?

  14. The fact is ALL of the judges come from one army or another so it is IMPOSSIBLE for a judge not to be biased in some form. Get my meaning?

  15. skloop is seriously not wise on choosing judges.
    skloop should retire and have blue be his replacement.
    iv”s tactics we’re weak and useless!
    we should have won!
    on cpac they said it was a very close battle but they should have made it a tie if it was a close battle!!
    i should have voted iw on the poll when iv and iw fought.
    also ice vikings (or idiot vikings)
    if acp falls and we fall everyone is gonna start hating iv instead of acp.
    soon idiot vikings are gonna be the most wanted!
    say i agree if you agree.

  16. Ughh.. in my opinion i think NW one ~not to be biased~. we had very good tactics and had a good amount of ppl on. Gill said we were 60% bigger :\ isn’t 60% more then 40%? i think so…

  17. If Gill was the only one judging, the other CPAC leaders need to get off their butts and face the facts. I’s pretty obvious we won, I mean, I’m not being Biased, even though any other army would probably think I am. Look at the pictures— The people that were there know— And the poll says that the viewers were most surprised at the results of our battle. They think we should have won. Everyone thinks we won except Gill and IV. IV’s just happy they won, Fairly or not. And Gill, you hate our guts, and we know. Whatever happend and made you hate us, GET OVER IT.

  18. Hey yall, ever got tired of winning?What about that phrase, “Everybody is a winner”?

    C;mon, don’t we do this for fun? =O

  19. No we do this to win well i do anyway

  20. I thought NW won, but we had a Horrible judge, Gill. I mean he hates us, no wonder why he picked IV, well at least we don’t fall in top 10 and I just think we should take the fact IV won (only because of gill being judge) .

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