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Hello NW, Tomb here.

Well, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been around. Some of you know why, and some of you don’t. I tried not to make this too public, and now I feel it’s time to tell the CP army community.

I, Tomb147 have officially retired from the Night Warriors of Club Penguin, and all CP armies.

You guys have adjusted well, and I know you will do awesome. I am too old to be around and school work is a bi***. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll stick around when summer comes around. I will still be on xat from time to time (but don’t count on it). And, I will try to make you guys graphics here and there. Just remember, you guys are fellow soldiers, do not fight amongst yourselves. My legacy to the CP army world is NW. I started it, now you have to keep it going.

~Live long and prosper

~I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees

~Live free or don’t at all



December 2008 – December 2010


18 Responses

  1. goodbye tomb we will always keep you in our memories no matter what happens. 😦 without you nw might have not been like this today. 😦

  2. Tomb is wise. He has informed you that the road to destruction is a road paved with self-fighting.

    You are brothers, and to maintain your Empire you must act like it – learn from the mistakes of Empires past lest history repeat itself.

  3. Cya tomb. great carreer, Legend?!

  4. tomb even though you retired you are still known and still a huge part of nw.

  5. Everything you have donefor NW We will never forget you.

  6. tomb, I can not say enough about you. You gave me a different look at cp armies. You took me as your apprentice when you could of took anyone else.You changed everthing for me. You were a good leader, a good teacher, and a good friend. I will never forget you…EVER…

  7. When I used to be in NW tomb your were my Favorite leader in NW. Your one of my third favorite leaders And still actually. I will NEVER forget you and good luck with anything your gonna do in the future.


  8. I joined ACP in December 2008 😮 !

  9. tomb147 we salut you and we will continue on and we will NEVER EVER FORGET YOU!

  10. Bai Tomb. We’ll all miss you, and I will too. (Of course) You made us what we are. Now we have to stay together and keep rising like you helped us do, to the number 2 army. You helped us so much, and you’re a legend. Thank you so much for everything. Congratz, and Good luck with life. You helped me out of tight stops, and you made the Cove. I wasted 50 bucks on that. *d* Nah, it was woth it. Good luck, and say in touch for NW, The Cove, and just friends. (: Goodbye Tomb. Will miss you.

  11. Bye Tomb, Thanks for teaching me graphics, and everything else :(, for some reason I always liked you, no homo. I remember when you and Medz got In that huge fight in Nachos, and everyone was picking sides, almost a civil war xD, a lot of peole were picking medz, but for some reason I picked yours (hmm). I was such a noob back then, still am.(wary)

  12. Cya tomb good luck with life and good luck in wherever u go. I willnever forget u and yur bouncing pic. (remember the girl with yur name on her ta ta’s as your pic?) there were good times like the cake is a lie recruitment and there were bad times like when you and ven fought that one day. Anyway I wish you the best an always remember:
    The cake IS a lie.

    Sincerely, sara9817

  13. Sorry Tomb.I know school is S000000 stupid!School kills every kid’s mind dude.

  14. i didnt know time for a while alot of things happened alot of ppl in nw have hated me…and jake banished me so i didnt go on nw for a while bu im back in and i hope all of us in nw will keep are promises and keep nw going LONG LIVE NW!!!

  15. brothers forever.

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