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NW Wins Summit

Edit: DCP, while your 20 or so troops were admirable they weren’t enough to fend off NW. You need to claim 5 rooms.

Not unexpected from an army who prides themselves on being racists.

Good job Night Warriors. We held DCP off as they went around our server. We won it, without much trouble. Summit is secured.  Adn the Protection law is still in effect. Any army can go on Summit for practical use. We invite you to come to practice and train without penalty of war.

The picture below were taken as DCP went and hid in Wwebestfan’s igloo. We reclaimed most of every room they thought they claimed to make sure we hadn’t lost them. We didn’t but we knew DCP would be stubborn, which proved to be an accurate assumption

Town- Defended

Forts- Defended

Plaza- Defended then reclaimed to assure ourselves

Forest- Defended and reclaimed

Cove- Defended and reclaimed

Docks- Lost

DCP if you’re just going to stand there then move on and claim the room then it defeats the purpose of using tactics. Try them, they actually work ;D


27 Responses

  1. I was there the whole time fighting!

  2. i made it

  3. Now 2 hours later we go on recruiting lol!

  4. I was there.

  5. Here are some pics that i got outta this (;

  6. i wuz there *awe*

  7. l was there the whole time.

  8. Here are some pics.




    The battle was awesome. Althoguh I kept getting gagged on chat……

  9. xd

  10. its nice to have you back live 🙂

  11. I was there

  12. i was there most of the time. i left 3 minutes early but i wasent on chat

  13. i was there 🙂

  14. not bad we only lost the dock but nothing else.

  15. Win.

  16. i was there and it was easy. all we said is dcp loggoff. then we whent to thedock and after a couple more rooms they mostly all left.
    then we started claiming!

  17. I was there till dcp left and we won! Great battle!

  18. hey night warriors its me darktj and im coming out of my retirement break so im back and ready to serve nw

  19. I was there.

  20. It’s dumb how DCP thinks they won because their ally, Nachos, said they did, who had NO part in the war.

  21. I was there promote me before i turn tomb into an octopus

  22. hey when is there a war in february. Cuz im tired of seeing stuff for january and december. Come on lets kill dcp for good. And if there are any left……… well….. there WONT be any left.

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