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It’s time we shut DCP down. We won’t engage in any flame wars. Oh ‘Emo Warriors’, you’re so clever Wwebestfan. You’re like 17, act your age. Now, Night Warriors. This is our capital, our most important server, we cannot lose. We are stronger not only with our minds but in our sheer brutish force. We can defeat them if we all rally together. Stand with me as we march to war!


Sunday 11/16


2:00pm PST (Penguin Time)

3:00pm MST

4:00pm CST

5:00pm EST

Server: Fog





52 Responses

  1. I can make it.


  3. I’ll attend. 😀

  4. I am not sure I think I have a bball game.

  5. Hmm, 90% chance, ill make it

  6. I hate having no laptop, technically with like, one exception. -.-

  7. i can make it.

  8. oh yea then i need to be unbanned from the chat so i can go on it or i will never come here agian

  9. yea boy ill be there


  11. I’ll be there.

  12. im there! wouldnt miss it

  13. I can come

  14. I’ll try to make it.

  15. I can make it

  16. I’ll try to come to ze battle to defend our capital.

  17. I can come, p.s. when do i get ranked? It’s been 6 days since i left a join comment..

  18. i can make it

  19. I Will try to make it

  20. sadly i cant make it cus its too late for GMT sry

  21. ill b there

  22. I`ll always be ready to defend our capital so DCP if your reading this comment prepare to be destroyed


  24. meh can make it

  25. I can make it i wont let you down!

  26. idk if I i can come but ill try plz dont demote

  27. i’m pretty sure i can make it. but i’m not really sure cuz i live is australia and two p.m PST is like in the morning. and i’ve got church anyway. hope u guys can see me there

  28. I will come sunday to protect fog

  29. i might make it and lets crush dcp once and for all!!!

  30. 99% sure I can make it

  31. yeah i can tottaly come

  32. I might can make it. you never know

  33. Ill most likely make it I may be a little late due to the Nacho battle though.

  34. I will be there sir.

  35. Yes, I will makez it.

  36. I will be there

  37. i’ma b there -the miz aka cj

  38. I might make it, but if I do, I might be late.

  39. ill be there

  40. Yeah i can come

  41. To Night Warriors

    I am writing to help you.DCP have recently just been hacked which will throw them of there game so you have the upper advantage i suggest you find a weakness and exploid it that is all

    Yours sincerely james30072

  42. OMG Wwebestfan is 17 hahahaha he must have like no friends!

  43. im most likly to make it

  44. I can be there.

  45. i am going

  46. I was there! I actually Made it! I get promo! YAYYY!!!! (HUG#CYCLE)

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