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Let Foolish Mortals Be

Today we brutally man-handled DCP. How? Size and Tactics through the battle. Even with DCP calling in allies, they still lost. They broke their own rules. You may say, “But Ven, you don’t have proof, you silly goose.” But that’s where you’re wrong. A DCP traitor, out of nowhere, provided me with such evidence to condemn DCP, and others are just DCP caught off guard. Here they be:

Pretty sure you didn't claim a single room. And you still need , not 3 if you can count that high.

Obvious fail.

So this is a collaborative effort?

Just give up.

Desperation leads people to do crazy things.

Indeed we are.

DW helping DCP too?

And AR? This is just sad. 3 armies vs 1.

1) DCP cheats during battle

2) They break their own rules

3) Bot usage has been reported in the past

How much can we take before it’s enough? We’re sick of your underhanded ways. Enough! You must be stopped.


13 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. lol. By the way heres pics.

  3. 2nd

  4. WTF DCP! Wow.. so much for the no allies thing -.- Jus’ suck it up princesses stop sayin’ you won. you OBVIOUSLY cheated.. and yea we totally won this

  5. pwnage.

  6. for example: if there is a battle and no allies are aloud and you call in allies you might think it will help you win but really it makes you lose because yeah you know.

  7. wtf dcp what a bunch of losers bot usage,cheating in battle,and breaking their own rules sounds like cowards to me

  8. they suk so bad. Failures!!!

  9. yoo this stuff is mad cool just go on the webstie club penguin waddle around and meet new frineds and then u can have a club penguin justy like other pepol but if pepole start fights like shut up. just walk away u dont even have to talkif u dont wanna =).. have fun on club penguin.com

  10. i ❤ club peguin!! hbu??

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