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The Opressed-Stopping ACP

Why does ACP want to war NW? Because I have showed disrespect? Hardly! As you have seen, we have not indulged in any flame wars, so the accusation in itself is an act of disrespect. This is just another one of McHappy’s attempt to brainwash armies. I think armies are a bit more intelligent than you make them out to be, McHappy.You’re just insulting us. Lol. Stop lying to the army community, you may have fooled some, but the prominent figures are not amused with your antics.

But, I’ll tell you why they declared war. Because McHappy’s overinflated head won’t allow anyone else to have the Number 1 spot, and all the prestige entitled. He is greedy. I won’t say ACP is greedy, because that would be condemning an entire army on the actions of one corrupt leader. This is purely, McHappy’s doing. He conceals his tyranny with clever polls. Yes, clever. He had people vote if they wanted to war with NW. We are their competitors, so it was expected that they would decide on war. Similarly, if I had said that on NW chat everyone would have said ‘yes’ to war with ACP. It’s not democracy, far from it. It’s corruption, and McHappy has blinded everyone to the truth.

Every army dreams of one day holding that Number 1 spot, it’s what countless wars have been fought over. So why should they hoard it? This is McHappy trying to suppress all threats to ACP’s dominance. He wants to keep armies on their knees in humble obedience. We’re all tired.

Anyone that wants to stop McHappy, you’re welcome to fight alongside us-not as a Nachos, IW, or even a DCP, but as a full-fledged Night Warrior. Join us in our worthy cause.


6 Responses

  1. Lol

  2. lets make sure they dont mess with us again

  3. lol at Mc thinking the best excuse for war that could possibly be thought up was that your “disrespecting him”.

  4. lol i bet mchappy`s head is gonna blow up if acp loses the number one spot

  5. When IW mops up whats left of DCP we will gladly help

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