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Invasion of Mittens

DCP, we’re not done with you. Your senseless, and frankly, idiotic flame is intolerable. You must be taught respect. We won’t stop until you learn your lesson.


Saturday, 1/22


1:00pm PST (Penguin Clock Time)

2:00pm MST

3:00pm CST

4:00pm EST

Server: Mittens

>>>>NW Chat <<<<

No allies- We mean it, DCP.




70 Responses

  1. I can make it.

  2. i can make it
    first one to reply

  3. nvm

  4. i cane make it

  5. I can make it i wrote on myself to remind me

  6. I can make it

  7. i can make it i think

  8. i can make it

  9. Ill be able to make it!

  10. I can make it for sure! Like always, 😀

  11. il try to make it

  12. l can come

  13. i can seriously make it and this is like a world war but just between nw and acp

  14. i will possibly make it.

  15. I can make it!!!

  16. I’ll be there

  17. I can com sir.

  18. I can make it.

  19. I’ll try to come.

  20. I can prob make it

  21. I can come

  22. Probally Can make it

  23. 99% sure I can make it

  24. Maybe im not tottaly sure

  25. I can make it, if nothing comes up.

  26. I can make it!

  27. I will be there unless something important pops up it is definitely that I will be there

  28. i can make it

  29. I can make it (for sure!!!) =)

  30. I CAN MAKE IT !!!!!!!

  31. I CAN TOTTALY MACKE IT!!!! (mostly becaues if u do macke it u get a promotion!!!!) i cant wait to take acp DOWN!!!!

  32. Why Am I a guest im a private 😦

  33. Plus Im Flash70801

  34. yea sure i could make it

  35. I can’t make it I am going to a party.

  36. I’d be great in that battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just can’t go on the chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. i THINK i can…… not so sure 🙂

  38. I’ll try.

  39. i will be there

  40. I’ll try to come. 🙂

  41. sure…I can come

  42. Might make it

  43. ill be there its time to finish them

  44. actually i might not be able to come because i gotta pinewood derby race

  45. I think I can make it


  47. i’ll be there

  48. im gonna be there with my freind

  49. I saw the DCP site and it said that they surrender to us and gave us hockey 🙂

  50. 85% ill be there

  51. cant go grounded : /

  52. i can make it to the battle

  53. ill be there for sure i really want a promotion

  54. I believe that UMA owns Mittens, not DCP…

  55. ill be at invasionof Mittens!

  56. ill make it

  57. Yes I can

  58. I can make it, but I might be late ’cause of piano lessons. So don’t gag me on chat, ’cause I said I’d be late.

  59. yes i can

  60. imk there

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