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Honestly, CPAC?

Well guys, we have to work harder now that CPAC has a new Top Ten ranking system. The Top Ten is now just restricting armies from doing whatever they want. But, let’s follow the rules for now and boycott them later if their new ranking method doesn’t work.

  1. Average Club Penguin Size[60%]: Obviously, this will be the average size you have on CP over all of your POSTED events since the last Top 10, posted being the key word. I will also take in to account whether or not the event was scheduled, and “bad days”. But remember, it must be POSTED, don’t come to me with pics and expect me to write it down. These averages will all go in to an algebraic formula to give me a number. Only posted event results are counted.
  2. Number of Events[25%]: This needs to be weighed heavily, simply because of how unfair it would be if an army had one event, but got sixty, making their average for the first category sixty, which is huge. This way, armies that are too large don’t necessarily always win, since 1/4th of the points come from activeness. The number of events is judged by POSTED RESULTS. A results post confirms the event happened. No exceptions.
  3. Average Chat Size[10%]: This will be pretty lightly weighed – I’ll go on every once in a while and get a chat size, also being but in to a formula, while will take in to account the day of the week, known facts about the army (less active on certain days), holidays, church, etc. This was going to be worth a bit more, but just because this really doesn’t determine much for an armies real size/potential, and because it isn’t an easy thing to calculate, it won’t count for a lot. This category may even be removed entirely in the future.
  4. Site Activeness, Miscellaneous[5%]: This is just all of the other little things that may count for an army, including some other posts on their site, hits, things along those lines. Chat size may be moved in to this category.

Night Warriors, let’s try a lot hard fulfill listen above. So try to go to events as much as you can, get on chat whenever you have time,  and visit this site to check what we’re doing next  many times every day.This is what you should do otherwise-it’s what counts for promotion.


6 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. I’m so active don’t worry bout’ me *awe*

  3. i think cpac made a good idea it will probably make people more active

  4. It’s intresting that Skloop can make a couple posts on a bloody news site and completly change the way CP Armies work.

    My question is quite simple, how far is too far?

  5. Im so active to dont worry about me

  6. I’m active. (d)

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