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Final Proclamation

This is addressed to ALL prominent allies of DCP and DCP itself.

This is a warning. If you help DCP in their war effort and stand against us or our alliance, NW will show no mercy. We cannot allow DCP to exist with Wwe as leader. He is the source of every injustice and evil committed by DCP. NW will not stand idly by as they and those who aid them make a mockery of warfare. They show no respect or regards for armies or the established rules. Why should an army be able to do whatever they want? How can anyone take the verbal abuse they inflict on their enemies. It’s intolerable. Their allies are no better. They’re just an encouragement to DCP.

NW asks any allies of DCP to cut any ties with them. Assist us in our war campaign, if you too have realized DCP is evil. We will shelter anyone that seeks it. But, if you remain an ally, NW will be forced to invade until you have nothing left. This is our final proclamation.

Mr. Tough Guy failing.

DCP allies[SUSPECTED]- RT, RPF, and DW.

RPF, you have clearly sided with DCP, expect war or denounce your alliance with DCP.


16 Responses

  1. RPF is only allied with DCP against IW, not against NW and such. =/

    Infact I’ve been calling the DCP leadership retarded for all the things they’ve been saying against everyone.

  2. Nobody likes Brandon. ^.^ Nachos will help you nuke-ze-hell out of DCP.

    • Love you 2. Notice it says After Retirement 😀
      DCP will be forced to Invade Nachos sooner or later, and if you think you hate brandon, wait till I take full control 😉

  3. 1st

  4. i heard dcp got tg also? anyways both dcp and tg are racist so who ever joins the dcp alliance is a racist army theese are some new names i made up for some of dcp”s alliance
    rt: racist troops
    rpf: racist penguin federation

  5. Lol.. DCP is so going down. and wtf Wwe.. i thought you were better then that -.-

  6. Wwe is an idiot and a noob. That is all I have to say.

  7. Wwe will retire in Febuary =D

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