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DCP-A Crumbled Nation

Edit: This is a long post with a lot of dates. Pay attention!

Silly DCP, a simple “sorry” will not suffice for your crimes against NW. You will be punished for your unjust and disrespectful actions toward us, and the rest of the army community. Your nation will crumble before you.


February 6th, 2011


When?: February 6

Where?: Hockey


12:00 P.M PST

1:00 P.M MST

2:00 P.M CST

3:00 P.M EST

8:00 P.M UK


When?: February 6

Where?: Snowfall


12:30 P.M PST

1:30 P.M MST

2:30 P.M CST

3:30 P.M EST

8:30 P.M UK


When?:February 6

Where?:Snow Bound


1:00 P.M PST

2:00 P.M MST

3:00 P.M CST

4:00 P.M EST

9:00 P.M UK


February 5th, 2011


When?: February 5

Where?: Summit


4:00 P.M EST

3:00 P.M CST

2:00 P.M MST

1:00 P.M PST

9:00 P.M UK


When?: February 5

Where?: Klondike(Fighting for Yeti)


4:30 P.M EST

3:30 P.M CST

2:30 P.M MST

1:30 P.M PST

9:30 P.M UK


When?: February 5

Where?: Tuxedo


5:00 P.M EST

4:00 P.M CST

3:00 P.M MST

2:00 P.M PST

10:00 P.M UK


51 Responses

  1. I can make them.

  2. oh my g ill try to make it and does this count for a promo???

  3. yeah im sure i can make it also YAY MORE EVENTS THANKS VINCE!!!

  4. 1st

  5. Sure. I will go to all 100%.

  6. ill make the Feb 5 ones but not Feb 6

  7. i can make all but the snowbound invason

  8. scratch that i can make snowbound invason actually

  9. I can make them…

  10. ill probably make it

  11. i can make all of them unless i die

  12. I SHOULD be able to make most of these, unless something else comes up. I may be at work at these times, but I will still be on chat and CP.

    DCP will fall! March forward, NW!

  13. guess what nw ARE goingto DYSTROY all TRAITORS o if u ARE U BETTER LEAVE dcp are messed up and nw are GOING to kick there buts and dcp will be running for te hills

  14. We will march with a burning flame in our hearts and cleanse CP of DCP blood. The DCP will retreat like the rats they are. We must not faulter for our troops will never tire of burning through as we crumble their nation with a fist of iron and unleash a thousand year bloodshed upon them.

  15. ill try to make them

  16. hell yea ill make it oh and yea im sorry about my previous incident with dcp nw. lets just hope making it to the events makes it up 🙂

  17. oh and btw that was me darki

  18. i can make every epic flaming awesome fun EVENT!

  19. yea
    i can come

  20. I may make some of them on Saturday.

  21. I should make them.

  22. I can almost defenetly come!

  23. dcp thinks allies are allowed and said they are bringing acp and the oa

  24. I’ll try to make them.

  25. ill be there

  26. I can make saturday’s events; Not sure about Friday’s though.

  27. how much more battles does it take for me to become a soldar i am right now a private i was at 3 battles already 3 long battles

  28. i will try to make them

  29. I can come to all ven

  30. I might only be able to make some of them

  31. ill make most of em

  32. I can probably make the saturday ones but not the sunday ones coz my time zone is like a day after yours so i have school on the sunday ones.

  33. I might be a little late for the Invasion of Summit and maybe make it on Frozen.

  34. Forget the other comment delete it. I think I will be able to make the Invasions on saterday though.

  35. i can make it i think

  36. I’ll try to come!

  37. i’ll come when i come. Btw nachos are invading every server we are not. We got em. but we need uma to help too. 😀 haven’t used this saying in a LONG time but lets OWN AND PWN!!!!

  38. I sure can make it!

  39. i can make it to todays and tommorows invasions i will be there NW forever

  40. i will make the saturday battles and maybe the sunday battles

  41. I can make all except yeti and tuxedo

  42. i can make Hockey Snowfall and Snowbound

  43. LORD VENDETTA! plz look at this. u might want to know that ACP are helping DCP at Hockey Snowfall and Snowbound! We r gonna need more recruits

  44. Comin like always, 😉 😀

  45. I AM COMING (d)

  46. i could make it to weekday invasion 4:30pm and all the weekend insoin.

  47. i have the kinect a new xbox thing

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