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War with ACP

NW march onto a new enemy, ACP. We  have long crossed paths, and teetered on the verge of war. But NW will declare it first and here. We will not back down. McHappy, like before, can try to end it with secretive meetings, but no longer will we sit silent. NW WANT WAR WITH YOU, and we will have it.

Out of fairness, will give back every server we claimed because of the armistice, except Mammoth, because that belongs not in the long proved, greedy hands of McHappy, but in every army who has been overshadowed by ACP.

Now, NW we wage a war that we’ve craved and wanted, but had to put aside.

All armies who share our desire. All armies oppressed by ACP. All armies seeking change. Come stand with us as we march to battle.

We welcome you.

NW will head the Mammoth Coalition for any army willing to fight alongside us in what will be the War of the Titans (that’s a bit presumptuous, but oh well.)

4 Responses

  1. ~2 Days Later~

    “After talking for 10 minutes we have decided that war with ACP is not in our mutual benifit.”

    ~1 Week Later~

    “ACP, we declare war! We will not back down until you are beaten!”

    ~2 Days Later~

    It’s all rinse-and-repeat, a new crusade every other week.

    Actually plan these things out, it would work better than just flailing your armies at them. After all in 2007 UMA tried that and lost. In 2009 Nachos tried that and lost. What makes you think that now in 2011 NW will win?

    Your men will fall to their lines like waves breaking upon cliffs.

    • NW can win, because we’re not approaching it conventionally. We have the might and strategy. I expect ACP to surrender within four weeks as part of my 4-week Plan.

  2. Sure. Just lift my lifetime ban sentence (AHEM) and member me on chat. :mrgreen:

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