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ACP, you’re just pitiful

Height of ACP's diplomacy.

When I say ACP, I really question their administration-McHappy.

McHappy if you’re going to tell lies about NW at least back it up with proof. ^.^

NW invaded Brumby, sadly we don’t have proof of Icebreaker. But the fact that there was no opposition to either is an auto-victory. But you haven’t even been leader for a year, so you wouldn’t know the rules of war. Your understanding is minuscule compared to the REAL Top Ten army leaders. I won’t hold this against you, though. This is just for future reference, The fact that you would want to win on a technicality is just sad.

Oh, and guess what everyone, ACP was going to attack TG with the Nachos. Why couldn’t they do it on their own? Not strong enough or not confident in your strength?-either way it just demonstrates how ‘weak’ you are. Oops.

You can flame us all you want. I’ve come to realize something that explains your behavior-you’re desperate. NW and Nachos are, by the day, taking each and everyone of your servers. NW doesn’t encounter any opposition because you’re too cowardly to order your troops on. What happened to the mighty ACP? NW happened.


15 Responses

  1. Get proof for the Icebreaker one, otherwise you didn’t get it. Simple as that.
    I’ve been in armies longer than you. You joined CP in December 2008, that was the month I joined ACP.
    We decided to attack TG with Nachos because there hasn’t been a ACP & Nacho alliance in a long time.
    Flame? I haven’t flamed. I’ve been speaking my opinion. You, Vendetta, are the one leaving several comments on ACP site.
    Nachos and NW taking our servers? So far you haven’t taken any, whoops.
    What happened to ACP? Nothing–except a rise.

    • We have proof of invading other servers. So does that satisfy your criteria? We don’t have to announce that “NW Claim this room”. No one was there, therefore we automatically won. It’s how it’s always been. I’ve been a leader for a lot longer than you have. Servers? We’ve taken almost about Half your nation. ^.^
      PS: Control your owners, our owners don’t go around cussing armies out like Noka did.

      • You don’t have proof of Icebreaker. That is just sad. Plus your picture of invading Brumby was a cut off. How do I know there wasn’t an army? How do you even know, you weren’t there. You have taken zero of our servers. Like I’ve been saying before; ACP has the guts to fight you head one. Once you’re ready to have a real battle, call me.

      • All you need to do it right click and View Image. Are you that incompetent that you don’t know basic computer things. I’ll resize it just for you ^.^

      • Why didn’t ACP get on to have a real battle with us? You saw us on the server yet you did nothing.

      • But you don’t have proof of ice breaker

      • Yes, so we’ll only claim to own Brumby.

      • I think your just basically inventing rules. There is no such thing as “If you don’t come to defend your server you automatically lose”. Even if there is no opposition, you have to claim 5 rooms for each servers and have proof for it.

      • And we did. We admit to not owning Icebreaker. But we won Brumby. The pictures are right there.

    • This is the reason CP armies suck. Obviously ACP didn’t show up. Obviously NW invaded it. CP armies are always finding excuses for the reasons they win and blame the other army. Mchappy, you know that NW won. You just don’t want to admit it. Do they need proof? No. They went on the server. They invaded. They logged off and made a victory post. Why would an army lie for soemthing this stupid. This is why club penguin armies are terrible. The leaders. The retired leaders butting into things (kinda like me). You want there to be a new CP golden age? Grow some balls and admit that you lost and move on.

    • Wow Mchappy I thought acp was the strongest army? Can’t believe acp is scared to fight tg

  2. hey guys, you know whats weird, the pic of noka cussing as an X, that means whoever took it was a mod or owner on ACP chat, u maintain a great string of trust in ur army MH, LMFAO.

  3. …….. didn’t we win Ice Breaker? we have pics..

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