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Hate is a mean word. Hackers and foul mouthed? ACP, tsk tsk.


Edit: Oagal, we will not adhere to your rules. You are tyrants and I will not allow you to impose these ridiculous terms on us. It seems this war has turned into my leadership against yours Oagal. I now acknowledge you as the leader of ACP.

Why not?



Monday February 2/21


11pm PST

12pm MST

1pm CST

2pm EST

7pm GMT

Server: Everyone of of them they they still believe to own, except Fog. So (Brumby, Grizzly, Snowforts, and Snow Globe)


  • If it’s full move we can move to another server and claim it even though we’re not on it.
  • No allies
  • No cheating
  • Etc.



42 Responses

  1. I’ll be there. No school ftw!

  2. FIRST and I might come.

  3. YES I CAN MAKE IT!! so excited good thing it”s presidents day that day



  6. I can assist you in this.

  7. I can go. Let’s take our capital back ❗

  8. I’ll be there
    (P.S ACP was at mammoth blurting secret plans. I didn’t hear all of it but it was something about DCP and Tundra. Xandicoot, Lolik2732′ and I drove them away, but they were back at 9:00pm CST.)

  9. I will be able come at all times, im free the whole day… soooo c u then

  10. ill take over mammoth and ill spy on acp today i knw there plans there all after ice palace for us

  11. Sorry I can not make it. I will be at school…..

  12. Yeah, same a Cool. Yeserday when you said “NO SCHOOL MONDAY!!” I was going to say “Yeah, unless they make 40 degrees a snow day -.-.” So yeah, for us we had a ‘snow’ day ( Heck no, I was outside running :\ Doesn’t make sense.) so I won’t be able to make the beginning. I’ll be back around 3:45 CST.

  13. I bet NW will win this now 🙂

  14. Comin, ;D

  15. ill be there indeed!

  16. no school so duh

  17. ven i am going to get you. this thing you doing to me(us) is called “cyber bullying” and you are doing it in a bad way.

    your happy friend reddaivs1998

  18. I’ll try to come

  19. I might be able to come..

  20. actually i MIGHT be able to come

  21. I can come

  22. Well assuming Oagal insn’t the leader of f***ing ACP thats why not durp. Im sure mch still is.

  23. Wait I think I can make it

  24. You complain about ACP imposing rules, and then you impose rules that aren’t official ones (Saying you can claim any server as another if one server is full).

    You also claim to take ACP on 1 on 1, and then avoid their invasion.

    • Actually, those were just our terms, not the ‘rules’. Just how ACP say we can’t reclaim and how you can’t fight on a different server. Except we’re not imposing them on everyone else. And to your last statement, look at when they’re re-invading Breeze. Me thinks someone is a hypocrite.

  25. I am coming

  26. I’m coming. No school!

  27. Did i say i can come. If not I came. If u saw me enter the NW CLAIMS ROOM at the mine im sorry. I heard one of the mods say it. I quickly went to the cp tab and entered it. I didnt have enough time to see the mod say DONT ENTER. Im sorry

  28. I made it

  29. ill be there 4 the begining, sadly

  30. did i say that i meant only the begining oops

  31. I made it to the free for all!

  32. i will always make it 🙂

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