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The Last Straw, ACP

Today, is truly a sad day. We lost our capital at the hands of ACP. Why? I hate to make excuses but that’s just what I’m going to do

ACP, you refused to move the server knowing most of NW were locked out. You were so cocky in your size bragging about how you were actually Number 1, but the true #1 Army would have granted us a fair fight. Not so confident, are we?

Proud that you defeat an army not even at full strength?


It was our capital, at least grant us that. We granted you the same liberty during our invasions.

It also became apparent that, at the most 8 hours before the battle, large groups of ACP roamed Fog. Again, what we’ve seen is that ACP can’t win without getting on prior to the start of the battle. Look at our previous invasions, they had less because most of their soldiers failed to get on. Does it really take 8 hours to bring about your entire force?

Lastly, it wasn’t truly ACP fighting. Retired soldiers and soldier from other armies fueled ACP throughout the battle. You may rebuttal with “Once ACP always ACP” – But this was ONE battle. Those retired leader and soldiers won’t get on for every battle, meaning ACP’s growth was temporary. This isn’t their true size.

And ACP will probably say that had 100+ on. Their math dictates that every green penguin is ACP, meaning NW has an astounding 100+ penguins also fighting on Fog. Good job.

And, this brings me to something unrelated…you thought you knew ACP.Think again…

It has become apparent that ACP has fallen under the same evil spell that so consumed DCP. That’s why NW will not tolerate this, I hope our allies feel the same way. After seeing these pictures, of ACP hiring mercenaries to hack NW, we must show them no more mercy. We had our suspicions in the past. They allied themselves with an army who too threatened to hack others, and this is why. They’re both the same.

NW, lift your heads once more. We don’t have time to mourn our fallen capital. We don’t have time for these luxuries. A great evil looms over us all. And it’s up to us, and our alliance to bring it to an end. DW, IW, Nachos, and everyone who feels as we do. Keep on fighting, our work is not over. Not yet.

ACP, don’t bother surrendering…


13 Responses

  1. I’m sorry you guys lost Fog. ACP is evil. The Nachos are doing everything we can to end ACP’s rule.

  2. Wow… ACP just dont know when to stop do they? I dont care if I curse but I say @#$! them

  3. Some pics I got at this event:

  4. I Lol’d

  5. Noka apparently just said he asked someone to hack NW just to be saying something, but I agree with NW on that point. Nobody should be joking about asking someone to hack an army. It’s just low. You do have to remember though, even if Noka actually did ask someone to do that, it would have been and was him acting of his own accord, not on orders from the leadership. Nobody would order him to do that. While people will take this as an official statement from ACP that they did ask someone to hack NW, it was just Noka saying things, and Noka has been demoted from his 3rd in command position to a 4ic rank now.

    Also, I agree with you on ACP getting on hours before battles. It usually starts with the low, patriotic young ranks that for some reason feel it necessary to be on CP fighting 8 hours before the battle. But then the ACP starts officially fighting battles almost an hour before they start, which is absurd. Armies should just wait until they have 15 or so minutes to go before the battle and THEN get on.

    And I completely agree with NW on the prospect of retired ACP soldiers and leaders fighting for ACP in this battle. It’s ridiculous. I myself (Former ACP 2nd in Command, current Senate President) was asked to fight for ACP, but I refused. What if 25 retired people show up to fight for ACP one battle and then none of them show up for the next battle? Inconsistency in size isn’t exactly what you want while you’re fighting a war.

  6. The Dark Warriors will continue to aid you in this battle. If you’re in need of us, you know where to come calling to us.

  7. A pity to loose our fatherland but we won’t give-up against this. Acp, watch out now. We are unleashed!!

  8. lol, Noka’s so stupid. =P

    And why is a guy called Fidel Castro using the Hitler icon? Communists HATE Fascists.

  9. A pity loss McHappymeal should be Ashamed , I don’t care that ACP is the number 1 army, though it would be nice to be there, but McHappymeal should be taken out of power IMMEDIATELY!

  10. Yet I know we lost fog but we still kicked acp’s butts

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