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Our Plea for Peace/The Folly of ACP

Edit: ACP missed the entire point of this post…

Now, it seems our allies have deserted us to serve their selfish agendas. We are alone, except for our comrades in the Nachos. We do not have the strength to continue against so much opposition. It’s much more than anyone could handle.

ACP, you have beaten NW. You have beaten us, congratulation Oagal. Your leadership has conquered mine. And I stand here broken and shattered. You have won, and I surrender, Oagal.

But, before you cheer at the fall of NW in this war, let us see why ACP was even involved. Their main reason was to help DCP, because they deserved a ‘second chance’. Their reasons were shotty at best, but it would have stuck. Except, we have proof that Wwe, DCP Leader, has sunken into his old ways and utilized DCP to further his ambitions. ACP, do you not fear for you own soldiers? Or are you that confident that DCP won’t one day be your enemy and use the same terrorist tactics employed on our alliance on you?

One must only look at the Syndicate organization and see the truth in my words. Under the alias of “Death Guard”, currently promoted to Leader rank within the organization, he brags about hacking famous army sites as “TG, RT,UMA, Etc.” -the ‘Etc.’ implying that there have been more hacking due to him than listed. And he has used his own site’s IP Addresses collected over the years to track people to their very homes.

How much, ACP? How much can this community take from the likes of them before you put your foot down? Would you watch armies crumble at the hands of DCP? Are you that manipulative that you have created a false image for yourself? You’re not the army that fights for freedom and justice. You stand there, when incontrovertible proof is staring you in the face. And you stand there, uncaring. NW’s reasons for our war with DCP was to stop their leader, Wwe, but it seems NW were the ones stopped for trying to do the just thing.

Because Wwe persist in hacking, the leader of DCP, everything you have used to justify this war has been made folly within a week. So, ACP is truly fighting a pointless war.

So why do you continue to march on our servers when we have not been in the wrong? Why? Are you that greedy that you won’t accept a surrender from an army who has only done right in this war? If you have not realized the pointlessness then I fear your motivations for fighting this war are not what you fooled the public into believing, then I must fear for every army who stands too close to the sun. You only attacked our administration and only waged war on us. Why? Because we were placed above you in the Top Ten or are we too near you for your own liking?

Now, here is where I apologize

Sorry ACP for believing we could stop evil that persisted to undermine our community.

Sorry we waged war on you for defending an army who, to this day, persists to hack.

Sorry we caused so much strife within your empire by pointing the flaws in your logic and your own hypocrisy.

Sorry for doing  what you believed was wrong, even though evidence suggested otherwise.

We are truly sorry, ACP.


18 Responses

  1. BTW DCP doesnt hack. It was Wwe’s past. It’s him not us.

  2. Actually the Nachos dropped out to, so yeah you are alone 😐

    • actually they were still in it when you didnt notice because they were battleing DW and gaining the upper hand until most of YOUR guys dropped out and ther was only a few of you as I remember itand we had won the part with DW wich i guess doesnt make a whole lot of a difference still and i even caught Wwe fighting AS ACP not with ACP so that makes him a coward because his army was too small? so that proves you wrong on one hand

  3. Btw if your reason for the war was to destroy DCP, you should have focused a little more on invading their servers. You ended up making destroying ACP your motive, and turned to invading all of their servers. That was your folly. You lost site of your original mission when you got caught up in your desire to eliminate the only army standing in your way of being #1. I don’t fault you for that, but that decision was ultimately the cause of your demise.

    • We would if a certain green army had not been involved. It would have been really unintelligent if we had kept on attacking DCP while ACP invaded or helped defend them. We would have lost almost every time. And the fact that ACP threw the first punch and defended DCP, so convinced of their good will, just really angered everyone. And our plan was never to destroy ACP, you guys really provoked war. Everything you’re saying can really be said for ACP, in fact I did say it in the post. And it’s been proven before that ACP’s greed was the cause of past wars. Take that one time NW were placed above ACP in the Top Ten. ACP so readily declared war.

  4. ACP deserved to lose.

    But so did NW.

    It is a pity that a wildcard never emerged.

  5. This is the best surrender post I have ever read. Not only did you admit defeat, but you explained the initial point of the entire war.

    You even made a “last stand.” You destroyed ACP, DCP, and your deserted allies philosophically by their own actions committed during the war. You stripped away their reputation.

    The only thing I disagree was your last statements. You claimed that you were trying to cleanse the evil within the community. On your About widget it says,

    “No, we aren’t the ‘good guy’ and we don’t try to be, nor are we evil.”

    The statement itself is contradictory. Good is the absence of evil, and evil is the absence of good.

    And then saying, “We just try to have fun.” does not justify the premise, because you are trying to find a reason to have fun, which, in itself, is a motive that requires the pursuit of a good or evil inclination according to your standard of morality. It’s circular reasoning.

    Overall, this was a superb post. You have done it better than what I could ever accomplish.

  6. I am part of “a certain green army”. And I for one have noticed that the “flaws” you pointed out about The Army Of Club Penguin, are NOTHING compared to YOUR flaws. I used to be in this pathetic army and I have realized YOU are the unintelligent one.ACP DOES NOT belive DCP will turn against us, and we are PROUD of that.Your soilders deserve MUCH BETTER THAN NIGHT WARRIORS.ACP may have it’s “follies” but we ALWAYS CARE ABOUT OUR SOILDERS!

    So think about it are WE the unintelligent ones?

    • I lol’d. First, I love how you try to justify your actions with someone else’s. Secondly, don’t call someone unintelligent if you’re making grammar and spelling blunders throughout your entire post.

  7. It’s a pity that nobody ever actually got around to destroying DCP. Somebody needs to put that on a to-do list.

  8. ACP why do you try to act like your a good guy EVERY SINGLE TIME. In fact this proves your a poser since you choose to help DCP when they threaten to hack us. Your motto is a lie since you say you fight for “Justice and Freedom” when really your breaking the laws of the true land of freedom (USA). In fact people get arrested for hacking so you really seem more like you are just trying to grow. You only helped DCP because you did not want to be hacked. Also you did this so you could hack any army that stands in your fight for “Justice”. So lets get to the point since Mchappy might not be able to read this much or know what I’m saying.

    ACP is not defending justice or freedom.

    And if that is to much for McCrappy to read then how about this.

    ACP no hero.

    • Dude, all that is in the past, and no, we do not say we are the good guys, ther is no such thing as “good guys” and “bad guys” unless you like watching things like super man or spider man, and your grammer is bad, you miss-typed mchappy into mcrappy, how would you like it if someone called you names, think before you speak, mate.

      Complete Sentences

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