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Defense of Icicle – Success!

Well, with less than a day’s notice and on top of that, so many soldiers at school, we came out on top against DW, who has more Euro. troops and over 2 day’s notice.

And also, DW you need 5 rooms to have been claimed on Hibernate and Ice Breaker, which on both occasions you failed to do.


9 Responses

  1. yay i was fricken there

  2. Are you serious? LOL, NW totally lost. Just wait, when we get our pictures.

  3. I was in those pictures.

  4. no prob for leading *d*

  5. oh btw it waz no allies so Dw wins

    Tomb: oh btw, nw didn’t uze alliez.

  6. We will keep the server. You didn’t defend it well enough. Saying “WE DEFEND THIS ROOM” doesn’t cut it when you’re army is outnumbered vastly. Sorry, it wasn’t a successful defense, the server is DW’s.

    Tomb: Wrong. DW had the worst tactics ever. And as everyone explained, mostly all of NW was at school. And besides, we are re-invading it.

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