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Night Warrior Museum

November 1st 2016 edit: Tomb here. I came back to officially condemn the reincarnation of NW that xXToysoldierxX and Drake created. Although they initially had the best of intentions, they simply did not put the effort to grow NW into something new. Rather, they inflated themselves, let their cockiness get to their heads, then committed the highest of treason by turning NW into DW. This abomination was never NW, no matter what they may claim. As stated below, this will and forever be, the one and only NW because no matter what, this website and the memories on it will live on.

Long live the Might of the Night.


This is the antiquated NW website that was used for many years before the switch to self hosting. It is a blog filled with memories and photos of what NW once was. It has and will remain untouched or corrupted. Over time, the photos not uploaded through the website will begin to delete themselves, but some will stay. If you please, you may go through the old posts and view history as if you were someone in that exact time. Also, if you do not like the music, you may simply press the mute button on your computer or lower it to your will. With this site, the memory of NW lives on.

Thank you,

The Night Warriors of Club Penguin 


2 Responses

  1. best/worst 3-4 years of my life

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