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Complaint Department

If you have any problems, ANY, we will fix them. Just leave a comment.

Make sure you list your penguin name, and your comment will be acknowledged. We will help you as much as we can to make this a better place for everyone 😉


137 Responses

  1. I WANT tomb TO DIE…

    • Well, I’ve Joined Recentrly ANd I Specificly Stated I’ve Been In AT LEast 12 Armies. And What RAnk dO I Get? Private. The Lowest Possible. I WAnt A Higher RAnk, OR I’m Out.

      • I have read your complaint and deduced that you are not deserving of the rank. The reasons being as follows:
        [1] You are not on chat or performing any of your soldier duties (being active).
        [2] Since you are not on chat, I cannot personally handle the matter.
        [3] If you would quit that easily, because something is not to your liking, then I feel we don’t need you in our army nor would we need your services.
        Please reply upon reading this.

      • look, u have to work your way up to being a better rank.dont just say, MAKE ME A BETTER RANK OR ILL QUIT and if u still protest, have fun quitting

  2. Seriously, Nothing’s been going on in this army, so how could ANYONE be active? You need to schedule SOMETHING -_- ………………………


    • i dont agree. if u want a membership you get out there and look for bottle caps or do chores til u have enough money. :\

  4. This isnt much of a complaint its just u said u would make me mod rank but Im still only commander.Thank u.

  5. I should be an Editor, but I’m only a Contributer. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  6. ya i dont know the password for the empire 😦

  7. waddles your funny

  8. I see that korei said somebody was noobish…..rouges….*cough* akward

  9. Sadly im not calling u guys noobs and the only reason u think im sad and pathietic is because i have a life and is not on 24 7(im not saying u do). All i was sayign is loo kat ur name then ull understand.

  10. wow cookies :/

  11. um i would like to know the password for the empire because im a sergant my name is shaymin king sorry

    • The Empire Page is not password protected. The Constitution is.

  12. ok i will meet u on chat

  13. um this isnt really a complaint but wat are your allies and enemies?

  14. my complaint is korie, he acts as though hes the only leader and I have not seen him at any battles

  15. No I dont. I do when there in no other Leader to be found….

  16. u said to put my ideas here

  17. well… idk

  18. The ranks page is really behind promos for yesterday aren’t even on there

  19. When I came on the chat I was a guest and there were 2 mods and they didnt member me and they are Jcm21 and Greenoiscool

  20. i wasnt promoted from the battle agaisnt acp on the 14 of august and i saw they other people were promoted but i wasnt.

  21. I went to the acp battle and I’m still not promted. I want my promtion to be Sergant.

  22. Read comment above first: Cuz Im solidor right now so i want my promo and next rank is segrant.

  23. k my complaint is about all of the spamming! since school is starting for a couple of ppl and no mods have been on, and no leaders have been on because they are in school or busy…its fine but i hate how just because there are no mods or leaders on they think they can just spam all the time.. i am on chat all day everyday and i dont come on to stare at spam so i’d appreciate if u could somehow make it stop

    Tomb: Nice pic.

  24. Yeah the spamming is annoying, and the fact that the newbies (newbies, XD) keep on getting on cp and messing with other armies even when we tell them not to. Also, the spying… but mostly, they don’t really listen to any on us saying that the armies have their battles and not to mess with them and its not our server…………………….

  25. 1.i havent gotten a promotion and ive been to 5 battles and commented.

    2. the only way 2 get 2 the complaint department is by kliking on it while the page is loading, if i dont it disapears and the nw banner takes its place

  26. I did’t get promoted for the battle on the 20th i saw that someone was promoted on his first battle so can I have a promotion because i’m active on the chat and I tried my best in the battle. My CP name is pokeman2277 and my chat name is sayianman.

  27. hi i have a problem today me and some guys were checking if anything was wrong at snow fort server and we checked the cove and ACP were there and one of the leaders i think his name was icey he ambushed us and then we fought back we won for a little while then they said thy declared war on us and said they owned snow fort server and we traded it for freeze server and i told them to talk to our leaders on the NW website if they had a problem. So i wanna know if we still own snowfort server and if what they said was true.
    From, Sayianman also known as pokeman2277 on CP.

  28. A mod named livelove banned me becasue she wanted. She is not using mod right. Her xat chat room name is livelove.

  29. Sorry just did not see who did it

  30. im still not ranked any where

  31. Its not a Complanit but its a question. I’m in Night Hawks and we went on the chat for the battle (which was cancled) and we all got geusted. When will we be made a memeber again?

  32. emblems are not on top anymore

  33. Ive been to two server invasions, the tournament, many recruitments, and been on chat all the time. All i got was one promo from private to soldier. i would like sergeant rank please.

  34. I have been active everyday and gone to every battle since i was brought into the ranks and im still only a Private could I please have a promo here is my penguin name one4444 thx Ven and/or Tomb

  35. I GOT BANNED ON CHAT FOR NO REASON!!!!! my penguin name is one4444 and my xat name is Zelecon

  36. im king john im banned on chat for no reason кιηg_נσнη_¢¢a_ℓєa∂єя_¢яєaтσя_σƒ_яσуaℓ_тяσσρѕ_σƒ_¢ρ is my name

  37. why do you have to use a password to see COMPRIMESED information??? if its already been comprimised why hide it???

  38. Why isnt there a rank as spy? that is what i am really good at…

  39. The new bot is so friking annoying it kicks you if you say jerk please give us a little bit

    Tomb: Sorry for the inconvinience but the bot has to be on. We need to keep our chat safe. 😉

    • yeah it is annoying but i get it ttht it’s here for safty but i cant say jerk and i very much want to XD

  40. You guys are not letting me join,
    every time i check to see if my join comment is there i see this:
    Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation!!!

    Please add me.
    my name is colt22922, i have not been in a army but i want to be in yours, I will be loyal and I will chat every day!!!!!

    Tomb: We are very behind in putting people on the ranks due to a lack of owner ranks. Please be patient, you will be added soon.

  41. I have a complaint! first of all I never got a promo and i have been very active over the summer and i never got a promo AT ALL! I even went to MOST of the BATTLES! second of all on chat we need more MODS thats like the reason why I am like not allowed to go on chat cause of people being INAPP!! My dad h like ALWAYS see you guys being INAPP when you aren’t INAPP when im talking.. well A LITTLE but you guys are like WAY in app when my da looks at chat!! last of all I think that we shouldnt have ROLEPLAYING so much after what have happened to me! so thank you for listening to my super long complaint 🙂 please respond or something 😀

  42. I cant get into the intell page, it says that i need a password, please help.

  43. hi im just sayin that ven or tomb made a mistake because it says i got promoted to a soldier but i already was a soldier so could u plz make me a sergeant.

  44. 1.Penguin name: Joee125
    2. Have you ever been in an army? Yes sir, I am a colour wars veteran.
    3.Do you swear to be loyal and an active soldier in this army? Yes sir.
    4. Will you go to our chat everyday? Yes sir, like I’ve been doing for that past few weeks.

  45. Hi, My bro can’t get on the chat because he does not know how to find his password. Hhhhheeeeelllllpppp!!!

  46. I have a commplaint agenst Jake he is kinda acting superfishal and kinda mean not like s mod should act like.

  47. I cant go to the recruiting because Someone else in my family is on pc or I have sport so please Can I have a promo!

  48. i havent gotten a promo and i have been very active this month.

  49. I am not on the ranks list and I did do the last privte check thing

  50. Do you have To make recruiting every day? Or will people get fired If they forget to go on for 4 days

    • Well if they can make most of them it’s fine. But if they purposely choose not to go then yes, I’ll eventually have to fire them.

  51. well this isnt really a complaint.. a question rather.. anyways.. will i still get promos if i dont go on chat or comment? cause im blocked on chat and blocked from this on certain computers….so will i? and i have been active even without chat. ven or tomb plz reply

    • Well if you’re not able to then sure. But you should look into proxies if someone blocked our site and chat. And you’re able to comment…

      • My dad blocked chat with Norton Safety Minder. And Yes im able to comment cause im on the computer that doesnt have anything blocked but xat. im afraid he may blocked this soon…

  52. i iz a retarde

  53. What is the password for the comprised information and intelligence page?

  54. I am here to report NW chat owner abuse commited by Jake aka King Cool 13. Vendetta or Tomb said its kick 3 times as warning then ban however he mutes. A few others have complained about him abusing in private chats to me and they are Sabrina,Gwen,Me,,Mew2. Please interview the witnesses of his abuse and please give me an answer

  55. My complaint is the damn spamming and cussing. When NO mod/owner are not on, ppl spam and cuss to much and it’s getting annoying. Tomb or Ven plz reply.

  56. My complaint is the spamming and cussing. When NO mods, owners, nor the bot is on, well it gets overly crazy. Plus, no one seems to care about this crap. Tomb or Ven plz reply.

  57. Last night a new recruit named Penguin was being rude in pc and I pranked him with inapp link now unban me. Ven or tomb plz reply

  58. i got banned today for some reason for 72 hours on club penguin .. did anyone else got banned?

  59. This is actually a question. For example if I we”re to quit and join a different and I wanted to come back would I be able to?

  60. Carter hacked me i hate it can someone bann him -.-

  61. this is a question. How could if i was as active as i could’ve been (due to grounding) and still not get promoted!?

  62. BTW my name is And52297

  63. I have 2 complaints. My first complaint is the “temp modding” now i agree that people who are on for about 4 hours a the day should get temp modded but what about the people that have been here for a long time? I have been here since June and have never been temp modded and have never lead recruiting. My second complaint is my promos. like i said before I have been here since June and I have only had 2 promos. I am barely the 3rd rank and I hope I can get a promo soon and more promos in the future. Thanks ven and btw the site looks really kewl.

    • 1) I mod loyal and active soldiers. Just because you’re on chat doesn’t mean you’re active.
      2) You go inactive from time to time. So, it’s kind of hard to promote someone like that.

  64. I am Pinkgloria13. My problem is that i got banished from chat and now i am not sure what is going on or what i should do. 😦 i got banned because i didnt read the rules first and i impersonated a ACP penguin for fun. I apologize in advance and i hope you can help.

  65. I am not trying to be not lyal to NW. I have alot of family things because its the new year. I try to gfo to recruitings but im busy with appointments and sport. I can’t go to some battles because of school and family. SO PLEASE DONT DEMOTE OR FIRE ME!!!

  66. Korei abused and bashed. Please talk to them and make sure it doesn’t happen. Here is proof http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx95/Simi78049/Bahhkorei.jpg

  67. Hello i am Here to report thatNight Warrior Moderator Skull/Todd/Mike abused by banning me for cursing twice he says i cured 4 times though

  68. that was me srry

  69. Xandity is going to pretend to be me and get me banned and he joined DCP and ACP ven or tomb please reply. P.S. he has other comps so ban Xandity Light Infinity or Ram Activex or SaxxJazz9 or Xandity something Shadow i forget the rest of his names

  70. I meant SaxxJazz8

  71. this is actually a question for example if you get demoted all the way to private if you get demoted again and you are all the way demoted to private would you get fired or just be a guest?

  72. Could you change Andrea back into a member look at what she wrote on PC: http://i56.tinypic.com/awaw0m.png

    • Lol shes member now.. and wow. I won’t go into why she shouldnt be mod or other ppl XD already talked to ven on chat..

  73. *sigh* miss you guys a lot…. hope we might see each other whenever i will be on…. if i am ever aloud 😦 maybe never maybe not … well bye…

  74. i have a prob. i am always on chat and go to alot of recruiting and stuff but i never get any higher in lvl. I am on chat almost all day. WHY AM I STILL THE LAST RANK!!!

  75. Why did you never ask my allience thing on the widgets page?

  76. 1)Gary19513

    on the NW chat people ban me for no reason and i told the leaders and they dont do anything so i think you should unban me its been forever i have been ban forever and on of he leaders unban me please

  77. Emrald, could we talk through comments? *think*

    • o.o why not? since i can’t use my e-mail to e-mail you guys, *sigh* i have changed anyways… that’s part of my reason why for not getting on…
      1. Dad
      2. Can’t find a way to get pass the program…oh and he uses this AT&T program now, not norton safety minder thingy…
      3.I don’t know if you guys will like me for who I am now.. but i still miss you guys..
      and btw emma, your the only one who talked to me in comments besides cj… what about livey or todd? and yes i just decided to check the website at random, i will be either:
      a. commenting on the website
      b. on chat (If i can get on)
      c. in a recruit
      d. a random hang out timing o.o
      also i might never come back, but it’s possible… just how likely will he let me back on there? oh and the reason why he doesn’t let me go on here cause he says you guys are “inapp” which you guys aren’t from what i know… or at least not as much as he exaggerates it to be.. :/ he doesn’t mind online chats, just inapp stuff -.-

      Vince: https://camolist.com/ is a proxy server.

      • Vince, Todd told me that website already, I tried it, the only thing that didn’t load was the chat box, only a black square showed :/

        Vince: Does the embedded chat work?

      • What do you mean by “embedded”?


      • ROFL, YEA I DO! cause i get lazy and i don’t feel like getting on club penguin XD. and i love you and miss you too 😀 been a while … XD and i really been missing you guys o.o and btw i have a question, how much do you guys talk about me..? just wondering btw, you don’t have to. And i just need to know my dad’s email pass to change stuff o.o so then i can get on chat. See you whenever i can get on chat (Whenever i can go to my best friends house) BYE 😀

      • Lol late response SORRY! xD I have on random occasions said i missed you on main 😛 and btw Im on a different xat acount!! so you better come back on so i can readd you D: oh and im like moving near the end of june to my dads so i wont exactly be around the cp sites or xat anymore 😦 can you email me now? or does ur dad still not let you..? D:

      • Lol it’s ok and yeah i kinda saw, the reason why i say kinda because that sometimes it don’t work and I see you guys, but if I get kicked out, it loses connection and I can’t get back on. So I see your names and stuff… Kinda feel weird that I am different now then before, but you guys still want me back on that chat… Awww why do you have to move? And why can’t you be on xat or cp? 😦 And sad to say, but yea I can’t email either 😦 i’ll miss you livey!!! not that i don’t miss you already

      • Lol if you ask about the pictures, i just keep typing my email wrong xD

  78. Lol it’s ok. and i kinda knew that. Kinda because sometimes the blocking thing don’t work and i can see the chat and i can see all your new names and some new recruits. If i get kicked out i lose connection so i can’t be membered on xat 😦 and also why are you moving? and why won’t you be on cp or xat? 😦 and no i can’t because dad obviously… And i just need to know his pass to get ahold of a lot of things like for this and online games. Hope i can get on before the end of june comes too!

  79. i was banned for not being on for a while… may i get on again? PLEASE! i want to be a NW again.
    P.S. i will not have any wars, battles, pb’s, or anything else on sundays.

  80. can,t you change the time for training coz i never make it and my mum or bother kick me off early

  81. Its been two weeks I entered and had the best possible answers and still nothing ! Does this mean i didnt get in or should i try again????

    Nick: Use Ctrl+F on your keyboard then type your penguin name in it while you are on the ranks page. If nothing is highlighted, leave another comment on the join page.

  82. Get Gwen back on Night Warriors Chat I can’t convince Andrea to get her on because she won’t listen because of that I am not going to go on Night Warriors since there won’t be anything fun to do.

  83. theres not much action going on we need battles i led about 20 and they were all great i really want to join but if theres no action whats the point of having an army no offense

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