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February Promotion

Sorry for the 2 month delay. I added in what would have been last month’s promotion with this month’s. So some people got double promos!

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Hate is a mean word. Hackers and foul mouthed? ACP, tsk tsk.


Edit: Oagal, we will not adhere to your rules. You are tyrants and I will not allow you to impose these ridiculous terms on us. It seems this war has turned into my leadership against yours Oagal. I now acknowledge you as the leader of ACP.

Why not?



Monday February 2/21


11pm PST

12pm MST

1pm CST

2pm EST

7pm GMT

Server: Everyone of of them they they still believe to own, except Fog. So (Brumby, Grizzly, Snowforts, and Snow Globe)


  • If it’s full move we can move to another server and claim it even though we’re not on it.
  • No allies
  • No cheating
  • Etc.



MARCH ON FOG – A Warriors’ March

Now let us fight under equal terms and see how ACP do then. good job, you beat us while the odds were stacked against us. It doesn’t make you the Number 1 army, far from it. With all the help you got, I’m not surprised you won.

Now, Night Warriors. Take up the cause, fight for what’s right. Take back our capital, show them our might! We can beat them, they are a shadow of their former selves. They’re cowards and hackers who need to be stopped. We must stop them.



Saturday, February 26



2:30pm MST

3:30pm CST

4:30pm EST



  • If Fog is full the battle will be moved regardless if ACP agrees to it or not.
  • No reclaiming, ACP didn’t allow us to during their invasion
  • No allies
  • No cheating
  • Cannot get on until 15 min before the battle. (I know this is hard for ACP)

I don’t expect ACP to show, because they’re cowards who can’t defend their own servers.


Highlights of the Fog Battle


The Last Straw, ACP

Today, is truly a sad day. We lost our capital at the hands of ACP. Why? I hate to make excuses but that’s just what I’m going to do

ACP, you refused to move the server knowing most of NW were locked out. You were so cocky in your size bragging about how you were actually Number 1, but the true #1 Army would have granted us a fair fight. Not so confident, are we?

Proud that you defeat an army not even at full strength?


It was our capital, at least grant us that. We granted you the same liberty during our invasions.

It also became apparent that, at the most 8 hours before the battle, large groups of ACP roamed Fog. Again, what we’ve seen is that ACP can’t win without getting on prior to the start of the battle. Look at our previous invasions, they had less because most of their soldiers failed to get on. Does it really take 8 hours to bring about your entire force?

Lastly, it wasn’t truly ACP fighting. Retired soldiers and soldier from other armies fueled ACP throughout the battle. You may rebuttal with “Once ACP always ACP” – But this was ONE battle. Those retired leader and soldiers won’t get on for every battle, meaning ACP’s growth was temporary. This isn’t their true size.

And ACP will probably say that had 100+ on. Their math dictates that every green penguin is ACP, meaning NW has an astounding 100+ penguins also fighting on Fog. Good job.

And, this brings me to something unrelated…you thought you knew ACP.Think again…

It has become apparent that ACP has fallen under the same evil spell that so consumed DCP. That’s why NW will not tolerate this, I hope our allies feel the same way. After seeing these pictures, of ACP hiring mercenaries to hack NW, we must show them no more mercy. We had our suspicions in the past. They allied themselves with an army who too threatened to hack others, and this is why. They’re both the same.

NW, lift your heads once more. We don’t have time to mourn our fallen capital. We don’t have time for these luxuries. A great evil looms over us all. And it’s up to us, and our alliance to bring it to an end. DW, IW, Nachos, and everyone who feels as we do. Keep on fighting, our work is not over. Not yet.

ACP, don’t bother surrendering…




Saturday, February 19th



2:00pm MST

3:00pm CST

4:00pm EST

9:00pm UK



Tomb: Good luck NW. Defend our Home Server with Pride, Honor, and Glory. We have done what no one else has done in a VERY long time. Defend the Home server of FOG.

(Click for Larger image)

Our Final Word, ACP

McHappy you are a true coward, because only a coward would so vehemently spread lies with such conviction, that you have even convinced yourself of their truthfulness. Only a coward would consistently continue to flame us and the nations within our alliance, A flame is an insult, and you’ve insulted us on more than one occasion. And only a coward would not meet us out in combat and use DCP as your puppets to do your dirty work. I know for a fact you were on DCP chat as they were fighting us for Brumby, and you refused to get ACP on. Yet, you call us cowards for our ‘secret’ invasions, but you knew what server we were on and chose not to attack us. Contrary to the information posted above, I don’t mean to flame you just provide a new light to this war and its roots and convince you of your errors.

I’m tired of going back and forth. So I’ll try, here, in this post to address the flaws to your logic in everything you’ve said since the beginning of this entire incident. I won’t make false claims, like you have.

You have no right to call DCP cyber-bullies when you do it more than them.

First, I’d like to point out we’re no where near DCP. Not in the past or present. We conduct ourselves in the most respectable fashion.

He was smart enough to comment this on CPAC, where you will find more of his comments.

How have we cyber-bullied? Except for the AR incident which there was no proof of. You might say we’re bullying DCP, but they are the true bullies. We didn’t start this war with them.  They did. They threw the first punch at our direction. They threatened to hack us. They’ve flamed us with vulgarities and countless other armies. They’re just generally disrespectful with no regards to the rules or anyone else. Why were we wrong for leading an entire Anti-Terrorism campaign? You said ‘give them a second chance’ but we have, in the past. They’ve apologized before and said this would never happen again. But here we are. ACP you have condemned NW for stopping this evil. But if not us THEN WHO? ACP? DCP are their ‘allies’ which has blinded them to their evil. For the supposed ‘protectors’ they don’t seem to be protecting anyone except those in the wrong. NW have stepped up, and you have stepped down.

You have described them as the victims. Laughable! If anyone is the victim, it is NW. We’ve had to sit and take the verbal abuse they’ve directed at us. How can anyone tolerate that. Nine year olds view these sites! I thought ACP cared about the welfare of their own soldiers, but you don’t care that they’re exposed to this senseless vulgarity.

And Really? You throw around the word bully a lot. But on your site you seem to portray NW in an inaccurate light. Calling us bullies is the act of bullying itself. Spreading lies is an act of bullying. Every negative thing you’ve said about NW is an act of bullying. Are we the bullies for believing that CP should stay safe? Are we the bullies for defending our view points and only retaliating to your attacks?

We were too busy with Nachos. Unlike you, the Nachos are more worthy of the number two spot. They actually tell was what server they are one and they don’t invade us the same time you guys are. You have to use lies and secrets to stay in your spot which is sad! Have fun losing your spot.

Now, what would you call that? You insult us. You’re telling more lies. And you implied a threat in your last statement.

If you ask around almost everyone hates comment editors.  When you threatened me about my grave being dug deeper and deeper, I believe your reputation is going lower.  You have threatened to kill me? This is getting out of hand.  When I saw this it got me mad, I was falling into the trap of a cyber-bully.  A cyber-bully is someone who gets you mad and do things you don’t want to do.

Our reputation is getting lower because of your lies. I’m sorry if you took what I said the wrong way. What I meant is that we will defeat ACP. But it’s clear you’re exaggerating. In no way can I or will I physically harm you. You’ve made me mad, and you’re forcing me to repeat myself over and over and make these unnecessary posts to get my point across. Your smear campaign is just desperation. NW are trying to do good, while ACP selfishly thwarts us. This war would never have began if ACP had just stepped in and actually stopped DCP, not give them a talking to and let them go scotch free.  What kind of message is that? They’re going to do this again! They’ve done this before. You have to realize that just telling them to stop won’t do anything. They’re still the same, they’ve just realized that they’ve gone too far and their fate was sealed.

Scared of what? No, scared of who? I think we can all make that assumption *cough* Mchappy


This picture just shows that ACP isn’t the most well-behaving army, like they’ve often portrayed themselves.

McHappy once claimed that he had received death threats and had been insulted by NW members, which proved to be a lie. Now look what we have. NW scum? Who does this? ACP, need to learn to behave. Fiasco, the guy who showed me this picture, is now banned forever because he’s “NW Scum” and because he was brave enough to show me this picture.

ACP, you should really reevaluate who you’re helping. They have not only cost you this war, but your reputation. And try to stop flaming NW, it’s become a pointless venture having to rebuttal.