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This page was made because some people seem to lack the knowledge of simple orders. This will increase reaction time during events therefore increasing our chances at winning. More to be added. You see size is not the only deciding factor in a battle; tactics are just as important.

The three most commonly used tactics we do.



Consistently throwing slow balls at an opponent or designated object until commanded otherwise.


A one-dimensional figure. After ordered to do this, form a line starting with the the person leading and go downwards in any order. Don’t pile up; try to make the line look as long and straight as possible, also making us look more formidable. The line may go any which way possible such as horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal. (Graphics to be added soon)



Run at a designated opponent and/or object. Obscuring them from view.


Joke Bomb

A little more effective than a regular charge. A Joke Bomb not only obscures the opponent but what is said by them is also not within vision. When ordered to do this, press the “J” key on your keyboard while running at your opponent. (Graphics to be added soon)



Form some sort of perimeter around a person(s) and or object(s). This gives us the tactical advantage if done correctly. Take into consideration the size of our army before making the shape and/or size of the perimeter. (Graphics to be added soon)

War Cry

During a event such as a war, practice battle, or recruiting session tell the on looking civilians to join in. Maybe you can yell, “Turn Black”, or something of that nature. This is basically the same as recruiting, but during a war it really helps to get as many people as possible to join and assist in defeating an opponent.


War Faces

Repeatedly hitting “E9” on your keyboard. (Graphics to be added soon)

Puke faces

Repeatedly hitting “E8″on your key board. This is used when the opposing army does a joke bomb or a fail tactic. (Graphics to be added soon)



(Note some of these are original tactics created by this army for this army)

Blending In

When an army may charge at you, during this attack, change into the enemies’ clothing in order to create a wave of confusion amongst them. They will hope fully wonder where we have gone. This will capture them off guard and leaves a perfect opportunity to make a counter attack. After a while change back into our uniform and surprise them with with some sort of smug expression or just simply charge them. (Works best with massive armies)

Reading the News

When an army may charge at you, before they attack, click on the Newspaper icon to simply read the news. This tactic really annoys the attacking army since you are ignoring them and it is simply hilarious. When reading the news you are blinded by it and cannot see what the opposing army is doing, for this reason we will have one scout to report and inform us when we may exit Newspaper mode and begin our assault.

Geometrical Formations

Not the easiest thing to do to, but the end resolve is truly magnificent and a thing to behold and admire. If you know your shapes then this makes our job easier. For example when commanded to make a circle you must make this shape but taking into consideration our size as well;being careful not to make the circle too big or too small. This applies to all shapes. When doing this try to fill up all the empty spaces instead of crowding around on one particular area. It makes the shape look all the more better. (Graphics to be added soon)

Moving Line

A moving one-dimension figure. Basically make a line starting with the leader and start going downwards; one after another. When this line is accomplished the person at the front will inch slowly forward(so as not to disorientate the line) and the the soldiers behind will follow suite. Once you have gotten the habit of this you may pick up the pace, but be wary not to move too fast or the moving line will crumble apart.



Blending In, Surprise Attack/Safe Patrol


When you are fighting/patrolling an army, this will be useful. For instance, you are being attacked by an enemy, therefore, blending in with regular clothing to patrol the server without the enemy detecting you. When you are the attacking army get in regular clothes, and once near your enemy, change into uniform and commence the attack.


52 Responses

  1. cool

  2. that helps alot

  3. 5th!

  4. the last one is very smart

  5. very smart very very smart sir very very

  6. i like the tactics

  7. they can get confusing some times! but there cool.

  8. tight

  9. good tactics.

  10. perfect tactics but you got joke bomb from Ice Warriors.

  11. kool tactics
    especially the newspaper one

  12. cool tactics i agree with them 100%

  13. these tactics are perfect but the other armys steal some on these such as the joke bomb.

  14. :MAD:


  16. perfect

  17. awesome tactics!! really useful

  18. throwing throw balls is quick if you press t then choose your target shoort and keep doing it fast like t click t click t click

    • Yeah but on every one elses screen your only throwing snowballs at a normal pace 😦 It took me ages to figure that out lol. 😛
      BTW: I LOST THE GAME!!!!

  19. perfect for defeating acp

  20. these tactics will kick acp’s butt

  21. ya very useful but we have to make sure we hide to change so they dont see us changing because if they do theyll know its us

  22. ok

  23. ha ha this will be awsome suport in patrols and battles

  24. acp is going down!!


  26. cool i will definetly keep them in mind 🙂

  27. oh cool nice tactics!

  28. this will workfor sure

  29. SWEET

  30. AWESOME!

  31. Very smart my lords

  32. Instead of a circle or something of that 2d nature,couldn’t you do a 3d figure like a cube?

    • That’s impossible, but it is possible to give the appearance of depth, however, the shape itself cannot be three-dimensional.

  33. cool tactics

  34. what about position alpha?

  35. we are gonna win bigtime with these tactics!by the way,how are we going to know when it’s ok to get of the newspaper if we’re not on the chat and it comes by surprise?

  36. I know how to throw rapid fire snowballs. All u do is hold t (make sure you are out of the chat box)wait two seconds then if u keep holding t and clicking on an enemy u can throw rapid fire snowballs!(and yes i came up with this move but since im with your army i will let u use it).

  37. my fav is the news tactic *wary*

  38. thx. i didn’t know about these tactics before. they will really help me in my next battle

  39. Killer tactics! Newspaper one is the best!

  40. the newspaper will kill them xD

  41. I like these tatics!They fit NW!

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